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A place to discover content
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Mamby arrives to change the rules of Social Networks. A space to find content tailored to your needs, without intrusive advertising and that protects your privacy. Discover original ideas, enjoy and learn with a community where you can unleash your creativity.
We are already 55,587 users!

Why Mamby?

An authentic platform, without ads and that respects your privacy

Original content to be discovered
Creators are constantly creating pieces of their own just waiting for you to discover them and know how to value their content.
Free of intrusive advertising
Thanks to our subscription model we can free visitors from annoying advertising.
We respect your data and privacy
We want you to feel protected and we like to keep your data private, without selling it to third parties.
You set the rules
Thanks to the see + and see - tool, our algorithm will be able to learn and recommend content to you based on your interests.


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Discover all the content you want

You will have unlimited access to all the content on the platform on all your devices.

Reward quality content

Your subscription helps pay creators and keep the platform ad-free.

Receive donations from other users

You will also be able to create content although you will not monetize directly for it, you will be able to receive unlimited donations.