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Concrete Structure Investigations Nz

Concrete Structure InvestigationsStructural Health Monitoring & Structural InspectionsStructures deform as they experience load, resulting in stress developing within the body of the structure. These deformations, and consequently stresses, can be [...]

Concrete Scanning Nz

Concrete ScanningCorrosion SurveyingCorrosion Surveys are testing methods CSI use to determine the causes and the action of corrosion, particularly in steel reinforcement.When you need to know the condition of reinforcement and its susceptibility to [...]

Non Destructive Inspection

Non Destructive InspectionConcrete Structure Investigation Ltd provides a reputable inspection of building service that adheres to any or all the quality safety norms that area unit set by the govt. It ensures each price and peace to the possessor. Why [...]

Concrete Structure Investigations

Concrete Structure InvestigationsConcrete Structure Investigations Ltd are non-destructive inspection and detection specialists to consulting engineers, and the construction and civil industries nationwide.Our Core Values are Demonstrated in our Work [...]

Concrete Scanning

Excavation is a completely not unusual practice for constructing contractors, concrete specialists, forensic professionals, and structural engineers. However, it’s almost not possible to realize what lies beneath the floor. This will emerge as a [...]