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1060nm laser – Laser Crylink

Description Being used to produce a laser of 1.06μm. Nd doped glass has good optical performance, high energy conversion efficiency, easy to be processed and low cost, is suitable for Q-switching.The disadvantage is that the thermal conductivity is not [...]

1030nm laser – Laser Crylink

Description Yb:YAG lasers have many advantages compared with diode-pumped rod-based Nd:YAG systems,such as superior beam quality, efficiency, and tunability. Yb:YAG is a quasi-three-level structure crystal with the low quantum of loss, thermal load, [...]

355nm laser – Laser Crylink

Description laser crylink The 355nm Nd:YAG laser has the advantages of good beam quality, stable power, high reliability, small size, and is easy to use, suitable for industrialization. It has been widely used in laser processing in bioengineering, [...]

266nm laser – LASER CRYLINK

Description 266nm laser is a kind of ultraviolet laser. Compared with other laser markers, the deep ultraviolet laser marker has high photoelectric conversion efficiency. The lifetime of the nonlinear crystal is long, modular design, easy installation, [...]

457nm laser – LASERR CRYLINK

Description 457nm lasers are an important part of the underwater blue-ray fuze communication technology and fuze target detection technology. 457nm laser use semiconductor pumped frequency doubling technology. The color of the 457nm blue laser is fuller [...]