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Chartered4 is Canada's largest watercraft venue & party boat rental site. We host a comprehensive listing for a variety of watercraft and present you with an opportunity to explore life in waters. The largest platform for boat rental in Toronto, Vancouver




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Renting A Boat In Canada During Vacation Time

Celebrating your holidays, special events, and vacations on a luxury resort is definitely charming. However, you can take these festivities a notch higher with a nautical adventure.  If you’re searching for a way to inject some extravagant party vibes [...]

Crazy Ways To Have Fun While Boating

Boating is an amazing adventurous activity. While cruising, swimming, and regular fishing remain the popular generic water activities, some off-beat boating activities can make up for an adrenaline surge and mesmerizing memories.   If you’re searching [...]

6 Things to Consider When Booking Through A Jet Ski Rental Venue

Summer holidays and trips are all about enjoying the water. Summers in Canada is renowned for eclectic pulsating watersports, brilliantly throbbing nightlife and assorted cuisines.    The best part? You don't have to go through the trouble of owning a [...]