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Car Therapy offers you superior mechanical services at unbeatable prices. Our reputation for honesty and reliability is second to none. For over 30 years our team has serviced and repaired countless cars of all makes and models.




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Post image : Car Repair in Wellington

Car Repair in Wellington

Our cars are a machine we owe a lot to. Like all other forms of technology in our lives, cars also require a lot of maintenance. If you want your car to be in tip top condition at all times, it is ideally better to be mindful of its repairs. It takes us [...]

Post image : Tyre Repair in Wellington

Tyre Repair in Wellington

Expert repairs, servicing and Warrant of Fitness checks in WellingtonIf you are looking for affordable, dependable and professional mechanical services in the heart of Wellington, contact the professionals at Car Therapy today. We can help you with [...]

Post image : Brake Pads in Wellington

Brake Pads in Wellington

For an experienced and reliable mechanic in WellingtonSmart drivers make certain that their vehicle is always in top condition. A well maintained and reliable vehicle is safer on the road, will have improved handling and give you better fuel economy. To [...]

Post image : Vehicle Warrants in Wellington

Vehicle Warrants in Wellington

Your local mechanical expertsNo matter how well you take care of your car, it’s a fact of life that most vehicles will have mechanical problems at some stage. When it comes to being sure that your vehicle is fuel efficient, safe and reliable speak to a [...]