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Callaghan Pump and Controls, Inc. is proudly serving the NYC area for all the pumping needs and has become the master distributor of various big brands.




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Do You Need a Pennsylvania Variable Booster Pump?

Do you want to know how we help people to maintain high water pressure? Have a look at this blog! Pennsylvania variable booster pump helps to maintain water pressure. To maintain good water pressure is quite crucial, there choosing the right machine also [...]

Low Water Pressure: What Are Its Causes and Solutions?

Want to know the main causes behind low water pressure? Callaghan Pump is a leading supplier of water booster pumps in the five boroughs of NYC, and also supplies PA fire pumps in the region. Have a look into these causes!   [...]

IRS Triplex Pump System Holtsville, NY

Callaghan Pump and Controls, Inc. supplied a simple triplex booster pump system for boosting water pressure throughout the building complex in Holtsville, NY. [...]

Basic Rotations of Pump Control System

If you want to start work with any pump control system, it’s important to know the basic rotations first, whether the pump is an HVAC pump or VFD driven pumps in New York City.   [...]