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Blueprint Studios understands a lot has to fall into place to make sure we capture the most pristine version of your home. Meet the team behind Blueprint below.




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Property Photographer

Property PhotographerIt does not overstate to say that it has expanded the aura of this technology to the next level. Drone Photography stands for an advance technique to capture images using a drone or any aircraft flying. They take images at a specific [...]

Property Videographer

Property VideographerProperty Production SpecialistsA new standard in property production designed to make your home or project stand out. We do not agree with the mundane. We are Blueprint Studios.Specialist Real Estate Photographer in Auckland New [...]

Real Estate Videography

Real Estate VideographyDeveloper / Property Services Area ShowcasesOften developments are placed in areas that are developing themselves into communities. Showcase key features in the area to help entice buyers to get in touch.Company ProfilesHelp [...]

Property Videography

Property VideographyReal Estate ServicesPhotographyWe believe real estate photography needs to be more than just showing the properties layout. We look to set the scene and the setting. Have potential buyers sold before seeing the home in [...]

Real Estate Photographer Auckland

Real Estate Photographer AucklandAdvertising and selling property for commercial real estate photographer is not easy without the necessary resources. First impressions matter most, and when people see a photo they like, they are sure to get access to [...]