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Aqua Gems Jewels is a trusted dealer of certified gemstones, gems precious stones, jewellery precious gems in Australia. Our collection of Gemstone jewelry is breath-taking and unique in every way.




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Post image : Precious Gemstones Australia Wide

Precious Gemstones Australia Wide

The world of gemstones is incredible as they are naturally rich, rare, and extraordinarily enhance the look. Have you ever thought what makes gemstones so valuable that they are treated as treasures?? Since long ago in pages of history, you can find the [...]

Post image : Tanzanite Rings in Australia

Tanzanite Rings in Australia

Tanzanite rings Australia are widely adaptable due to its richness, uniqueness, rarity, and exclusivity and we are getting it to Australia for you. Scientist and geology experts belives that these rarest gemstones are made by unique conditions brought [...]

Post image : Gemstone Jewellery in Australia

Gemstone Jewellery in Australia

Aqua Gems Jewels knows that tourmaline gemstone are becoming increasingly popular because these semi-precious stones are available in a variety of attractive colors. In addition, tourmaline is said to have a special detoxifying effect on the body of [...]