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Insoluble Sulfur And Uses In the Different Industries

When it comes to rubber manufacturing industries, insoluble sulfur is one of the most important additives. Used as a vulcanizing agent Crystex insoluble sulfur helps in improving the rubber product quality, helps with the wearability and resistance to [...]

Crystex Insoluble Sulfur And What It Does To The Natural Rubber

The rubber we use in our daily lives is unable to manufacture without using a vulcanizing agent. As natural rubber is not that durable and lacks a number of characteristics that rubber is known for. Crystex insoluble sulfur is one such vulcanizing agent [...]

Advantages Of Crystex Insoluble Sulfur And Why Tire Manufacturers Use It

Tire manufacturing requires a lot of rubber applications, the demand for insoluble sulfur in the industry is always high. As vulcanization is an important process to manufacture rubber goods that we use in our daily lives. Insoluble sulfur has become the [...]

What Is Rubber Blooming And What Causes It?

You might find it amusing, but not all the defects in rubber are considered bad. Rubber blooming (white milky powdered film on the surface of rubber) is one such defect in rubber that people often consider bad. But in reality it is supposed to be there. [...]

Renewable Sulfur Based Polymers And Their Growing Popularity In The Market

Every market is trying to pay their part to help to declutter the environment. Amidst this their interest in utilizing waste material to reduce the environmental load is growing. There are a number of approaches different industries are using to achieve [...]