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Post image : Guide to Selecting Quartz and Granite Worktops in Leeds

Guide to Selecting Quartz and Granite Worktops in Leeds

We've all probably been in this situation. Choosing the right kitchen worktops for our needs can be the difference between a functional kitchen and a kitchen that needs renovations every few years, a fact that adds frustration into our lives and a significant financial burden on us and our family. And for most of us in or around the Leeds area who want to furnish our kitchen with premium materials that offer good value for money, choosing the right worktop may ultimately come down to choosing between quartz worktops Leeds and granite Worktops Leeds.
It's not an easy question because each material has its advantages and disadvantages specific to each scenario. Both granite and quartz are natural materials that first and foremost offer impressive durability, and also a unique appearance that can change the look and flair of a kitchen. So, let's do a direct comparison between the two materials and expose the differences between them.
-          It is a 100% natural hard rock, which gives it unique striations and subtle color gradations
-          As a naturally occurring material, it is available in a wide range of colors
-          The fact that it does not change color due to UV radiation makes it suitable for outdoor use
-          Its extraordinary durability makes it excellent for use in the kitchen provided it is properly sealed
Disadvantages of the material:
-          Being a natural material, it can be stained more easily than quartz
-          Requires slightly more maintenance than a quartz worktop
-          It is a manufactured material, generally consisting of 97% crushed quartz crystals plus 3% resin, and the standardization of the manufacturing process makes choosing the right pattern and size an easier process than granite.
-          Due to the resins in the composition, quartz is harder to stain than granite
-          It is heavier than granite and has greater durability
Disadvantages of the material:
-          It is a more expensive material
-          It is not suitable for external use because it can change its appearance under the influence of UV rays
Ultimately, the choice of the right kitchen worktop between granite and quartz comes down to the budget of each client, the aesthetic style of the kitchen, and how the subsequent space is intended to be used. At, we only work with hand-picked granite so our customers can be assured that they are always getting only the best materials available. We can customize the quartz pieces into any shape color or size, all tailored to our customers’ needs and requirements.
We are a family-run company, overseen by a father and son duo with over 50 years of combined experience in the masonry industry. Our staff can offer you the expertise gained over time both in the process of choosing the materials needed for your project and also during the actual process of installing your kitchen worktops. We can provide you with a wide range of colors and textures, both matt and glossy, as well as free of charge consultation for your imagined design plus an estimation for the total price of the upcoming project.
Let's face it, although there is a price difference between granite worktops and quartz worktops, with the latter being somewhat more expensive, both materials are part of a premium category that requires an investment from the clients who want to furnish their kitchen. Is it worth the investment?
In one word, YES! Although it can be considered a rather expensive venture, the durability of the two materials and the fairly low maintenance costs practically ensure the value of the investment over a fairly long period. Can it be considered bad money practice to invest in a material that will look just as shiny and new many years in the future when you or the rest of your house may not look the same anymore? Plus, we also need to consider the value that such an investment can give to one’s home. Perhaps one day you will want to list your house on the market, a kitchen countertop made of premium material such as quartz or granite can provide a boost to the financial value of your home, especially in a time when such features are highly sought after by potential buyers.
But last but not least, in addition to all these financial aspects, we must also consider the aesthetic and practical aspects that these materials offer your kitchen. The worktop is the focal point of any kitchen, and the look of the whole space can be changed by this first investment. On top of that, the durability of the kitchen worktops is an important aspect to consider if you choose to embark on an interior redesign.
The kitchen is probably the most intensely used room in a home. And the worktop is the focal point of the kitchen. Its durability is crucial for the smooth running of your culinary or practical activities. Your satisfaction is also crucial to us, this being the main motivation behind our endeavors and the reason for our success. Click here to find out more!
Because within our Quartz worktops Leeds and Granite worktops Leeds business, there are teams of experts who can assist you and answer all your questions, so that the process of choosing and installing the kitchen worktop you want is simple and hassle-free.
We are under no pressure to charge hidden commissions for products we create. Everything we sell is created by an experienced team of craftsmen in our factory near Hull. Our customers can be assured that they are getting the best value for money and we guarantee your satisfaction with our experience, unblemished reputation, and the testimonies of the many satisfied customers who can vouch for the quality of our service.

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Post image : Short Guide on Quartz and Granite Worktops in Leeds

Short Guide on Quartz and Granite Worktops in Leeds

Worktops, along with cabinets and appliances, are the essence of the feel, look, and functionality of a kitchen. Popular premium worktops score well in terms of cost, value, upkeep, and durability. The main manufacturing materials include granite, quartz, and marble, also well-known for their architectural and ornamental uses. As a result, it makes sense to invest in the greatest available worktops, such as granite worktops Leeds or quartz worktops Leeds. Whether you are planning a remodel or looking for an attractive solution for your kitchen, this guide will help you better understand the characteristics of quartz and granite worktops Leeds.
When it comes to the kitchen worktops industry, there are usually two favoured options: natural stone (granite) or engineered stone (quartz). The two worktop materials are both very good looking and the difference between them isn’t obvious at first look, so making the right decision could prove to be rather difficult. The key finding which one suits your purposes the best is to understand them more. So, what exactly is it that differentiates quartz from granite worktops?
Granite is a completely natural stone that is mined from the quarry and sawed into thin slabs, polished, and then turned into worktops. Quartz worktops, on the other hand, are man-made by grounding the quartz crystals into dust and fusing it with resin binders to form a solid slab. Pigments are then added to impart colour to the worktop. That being said, quartz worktops may contain a small number of other minerals and colourants, whereas granite worktops Leeds represent the choice for those looking for authentic stone worktops.
·        The Appearance of Granite and Quartz
These two materials also differ in appearance since each granite slab shows a slightly different mineral pattern and colour, resulting in a one-of-a-kind worktop. Quartz worktops Leeds, as an engineered product, have a more consistent appearance, and they come in a variety of colours and patterns. It is a question of taste in this case. If you want the look of natural stone, granite is the product to go for. However, many people believe that quartz worktops have an aesthetic that is distinct and superior to the actual stone.
Although it does have flaws, natural granite is stunningly attractive. The stone should be sealed when it is first installed and then resealed regularly. Quartz, on the other hand, does not necessitate such attention, as it does not stain so easily as natural stone worktops. Granite that has been sealed with a resin-based solution during manufacturing will be superior to regular granite in terms of resistance, but inferior to quartz.
Additionally, granite is more prone to cracking and chipping than manufactured stone. They both have a long lifespan, depending on factors such as the level of care they receive and how they are utilised. The engineered stone, quartz, outlasts granite in terms of durability.
Granite is mined as single slabs that are made entirely of natural stone, meaning that each slab is unique. Granite worktops Leeds are stunning to look at, and some people believe that granite's flaws are what make it so unique. It has the potential to become the centre of attention in your kitchen, blending in with your walls and furniture.
Granite, in general, holds up well to everyday use. Granite is built to withstand the elements because it is a natural mineral. It will not fade or weather as a result of exposure to the sun. Granite worktops Leeds that have been properly sealed by a professional will not absorb liquids and are stain-resistant.
When looking at a natural stone, you notice the striations and colour variations that distinguish it. If you would rather have a chunk of stone mined from the earth decorating your cabinets, you will enjoy the natural character of granite.
Quartz worktops Leeds are made up of crushed quartz minerals mixed with a resin binder. They are available in a wide range of patterns and colours. This gives you a variety of alternatives for monotone textures as well as colour diversity.
The finished quartz stone has a rich appearance, giving the counter a natural look. Quartz has several advantages, including the fact that it does not require sealing and is stainless. Quartz worktops are resistant to viruses and bacteria, can withstand oil and scratches, and are simple to clean. Quartz is also a little heavier and more flexible than granite.
Engineered quartz worktops Leeds are a durable, stain-resistant, and attractive option for those who want more colour options and less required care. Clean-up is simple, and you can rest assured that all dirt and germs have been removed.
Even if both materials are highly durable, they have slightly different maintenance characteristics. Granite requires sealing because it is a porous stone, both at the time of installation and afterward regularly. On the other hand, quartz rarely cracks because it does not require sealing because resins are used in the slab construction, and the material is consistent throughout. Quartz worktops contain resins which make them less porous and hence more stain-resistant than granite.
Regardless of which type you decide on, try to clean any stains immediately and avoid cutting directly on the worktop. Taking the extra care required will ensure that your worktop retains its beauty for a long time.
Granite and quartz worktops Leeds may increase the real estate value of your home when compared to laminate or ceramic tile worktops. Both granite and quartz are high-end worktop materials that will impress anyone visiting your house. Granite appeals to those who prefer natural materials, although quartz is easier to maintain and has slightly better durability. Granite and quartz are stunning materials that will transform the look and feel of your space. The only way to know for sure which one is best for you is to explore the large selection until you find the perfect worktop for your kitchen.

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Post image : 5 Reasons to Choose Quartz or Granite Worktops Leeds

5 Reasons to Choose Quartz or Granite Worktops Leeds

When you decide to purchase new material for your kitchen, quartz and granite worktops Leeds are the ones to check out. Considering these two, you are making an investment, that will stand the test of time, and will remain functional and beautiful for years to come. Natural quartz is a hard mineral, an engineered stone, that doesn't usually exist such as we use it. Before being ground down into fine dust, the natural quartz crystals are mined. Almost 90% ground quartz is combined with pigments, resins, and polymers to form the hard surface you see in kitchens.         
·        Beautiful Design
Generally, the way your worktop fits in the design of the room is one extremely important aspect to consider. Once you’re investing a certain amount of money, you want your improvements to look good. Especially when it's there to stay. Quartz worktops are made to fit into any kitchen style, bringing something special to its look, with all sorts of effects, types, and colours. Visit and you will find plenty of options for everyone’s taste.
·        They’re Durable
You’ll often be cooking and prepping food on your worktop, so durability is an important matter. Each piece of furniture from any house it's definitely been used for many years, so it's something normal for it to deteriorate over time. Before you know you'll see some scratches or a cracked worktop, something that is not exactly likable to the eye.
The quartz worktop itself is a solid material, being ideal for kitchen worktops. It is tougher and stronger than granite and more resilient to impact.
·        They’re Hygienic and Sanitary
One of the best advantages of kitchen quartz worktops is that they're hygienic. As a material, quartz stone comes with a lot of qualities. A specific one, more important if you have a germ problem or you have children, is that quartz is one the most hygienic and clean worktops you could find. Being non-porous it's difficult for bacteria to grow or hide anywhere on a worktop, no matter the room, kitchen, or bathroom. 
·        Easy to Maintain
Quartz kitchen tops are incredibly easy to maintain. To keep your quartz worktops kitchen material clean, you can simply wipe your surfaces daily with a gentle cleaning product or even warm soapy water. There is no additional maintenance required.
·        Environmentally Friendly
Quartz is one of the natural materials that doesn't represent a danger to your home. Quartz worktops are there to stay. There are many natural materials that emit chemical gases, but quartz isn't one of them. So, deciding to have a kitchen that includes quartz worktops will only save you a lot of money, because once you have it, it will last for a long time, being not only eco-friendly but also a source of better air quality for your home. And a plus, it's also a benefit for the planet.
Granite - an Ideal Material for Your Kitchen
Granite is a natural stone, ideal for different building structures, mostly for bathrooms and kitchens. Granite worktops are getting more popular by the day and once you'll start using them, you'll get to find out why it's becoming really useful. It might be a more expensive choice, but it will be worth the money. Worktops are an important part of any kitchen, and granite works are visually appealing and functional. Granite has so many benefits like durability and low maintenance, that once you'll get to know it, you'll definitely consider it for a new kitchen.
·        Design
Granite worktops Leeds give a lot of benefits when installed in your home or commercial property. Granite it's known for its many uses praised by architects, interior designers, builders, and homeowners, as well as for its superior advantages. It can be used outdoor and indoors, allowing to create a unique look that will be appreciated for generations to come.
·        Versatility
Granite is one of the most searched interior building materials for interior design projects. Granite worktops Leeds comes in a wide range of shapes, patterns, and colours, being capable of matching any decor.  Granite it's known as well for its versatility, its high resistance to heat, scratches, and also stains. A worktop can be used for a long time, without having any kind of problem. Being extraordinarily heat resistant, granite worktops are the perfect choice for any type of kitchen.
·        Low Maintenance
One good thing when it comes to granite is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time making sure that it looks good for a long time. Maintaining worktops is a huge problem in some cases. With granite, is very easy and similar to polishing your car, just put a sealer once a year, and the job is done. Granite worktops Leeds are resistant to scratches, liquids, and stains, and can even go for 10 years without any sealant. Apart from an occasional wipe-over, you’ll only need to clean the worktops with only soapy water now and then.
·        Heat Resistance
In all kitchens, no matter how much you use it or you don't, accidents usually happen.  Whether you placed a hot pan directly on the worktop, or a hot pot, things like this happen for sure. For some worktops, that would be the end of it. Of course, the material that the worktop is made of makes the difference. Quartz worktops Leeds are the best choice for heat resistance. It's good to get in the habit of using hot pads, but it's also good not worrying about what it's going to happen each time you put by mistake something hot on your kitchen surface.
·        Highly Durable
            Granite is an extremely strong stone, denser and more durable than similar stone materials. No worries about scratching it with a knife, or ruining it with marks from hot pots or pans.
A wonderful worktop in your kitchen makes it more attractive.  So, you should invest in quartz worktops Leeds and granite worktops Leeds, because there are a lot of great types from which to choose. Just see what fits your needs and go for it.

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Post image : How to Decide Between Granite and Quartz Worktops in London?

How to Decide Between Granite and Quartz Worktops in London?

Individuals who are in the market for high-quality worktops have various options. Such worktops are available at reliable suppliers and they are made of various materials, the most common ones being quartz and granite. Property owners who have a difficult time deciding between quartz worktops London and granite worktops London.
Home owners who have invested a great deal of money in their property and who want everything to be elegant and perfect have lots of choices when it comes to worktops. They have to figure out a way to narrow down their options at least as far as the surface material is concerned and take it from there.
When it comes to worktop materials, different people have different preferences. Quartz worktops London  are in great demand these days because of the multitude of advantages they bring. If you are in the market for an elegant worktop, it all boils down to what you prefer and the features that matter to you the most. This is why it is important to know what different materials have to offer, to be able to compare them so that you make an educated purchase. After all, it is not every day that you shop for worktops and you should do your due diligence.
Granite worktops London  are a popular choice because of their unique elegance and variety of textures and finishes. Granite is a magnificent stone and if you are determined to install such a countertop, you should be willing to pay the price.
As far as the finish of granite, it is useful to know that it can be polished, honed, brushed or sandblasted. The overall cost of such a countertop is determined by the quality and the size of the granite you choose. You should keep in mind that we are talking about a high-quality stone, one that is known for its durability and scratch resistance. Individuals who want to obtain a luxurious impact when remodelling should not hesitate to invest in this unique natural stone.
Do you find it difficult to decide between granite and quartz worktops? If this is the case, you should weigh your options carefully and consider the benefits each of these materials has to offer.
Granite worktops London are suitable for high-end properties, for individuals who want to increase the resale value of their house. The subject of granite worktops is also discussed by Forbes  "Granite countertops began showing up about 100 years ago. They were only available to the very wealthy. 50 years passed before they became attainable for the rest of us. Still considered a high-end luxury product, they’re as popular today as they were in the 1970s. They still command high prices, but weighed against their beauty and value, it may be worth your time to take another look."
A luxurious worktop will not go unnoticed, that is for sure. It is important to know that such worktops are:
• Eco-friendly- this material is recyclable and durable; it is not man made and this makes it less common than other materials such as quartz.
• Heat-resistance- this material withstands extreme heat and pressure; this means that you can place hot objects on it without any fear.
• Scratch resistance- its resistance to scratches is seven, according to the Mohs Scale of Hardness
• Chemically resistive- this material has great resistance against chemicals
Quartz worktops London are the preferred choice of numerous people who want a beautiful and affordable countertop. The advantages it brings are numerous, the most common of them being:
• Consistency-unlike natural stone, quartz does not have any inconsistencies’ people love the uniformity of such a countertop
• Variety- if you are worried about colours and patterns, you should not be; quarts countertops come in a multitude of designs and patterns.
• Durability- this material is manmade and it is designed to resist wear and tear
• Stain and scratch resistance
• Easy to clean and to maintain- this is an important aspect for most people who shop for a new countertop
How to Decide Between Granite and Quartz Countertops? 
It is common knowledge that granite and quartz are the most popular materials among individuals who remodel their homes. The difference between them is rendered by price, quality, hardness, and aesthetics. Making a decision is difficult and it all comes down to what you prefer, the specific requirements you have and how much you are willing to spend on a new worktop.
Quartz worktops in London are more durable than granite ones; also, quartz can be customized according to your specific requirements and the design options available are endless. Granite worktops in London on the other hand have a more natural appearance, being the first choice of people who love natural products that offer an elegant, unique look.
Moving on to cleaning and maintenance, it is worth mentioning that periodic sealing is required for granite worktops in order to maintain their resistance. Quartz does not require any sealing. Both of these materials can be cleaned easily with minimum effort.
 Where to Find Premium Worktops? 
If you are excited about the remodelling of your property and you want the best for it, you should not hesitate to shop for premium worktops. Granite worktops London are amazing, as they add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to any property. These countertops are known for their beauty and durability and you should not hesitate to choose them for your property.
To summarize, the best place to shop for new granite or quartz worktops London is online. Reliable suppliers put at your disposal an impressive selection of products and they are happy to guide you every step of the way. With their help, you will make a purchase you will be happy with in the long run.

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