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Why businesses must migrate to Cloud

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven how essential digital transformation is in ensuring that telecommuting is maintained over time. Businesses feel the urgency to move away from traditional and expensive systems to develop a clear plan cloud migration and [...]

Mobile engagement: the 5 trends to watch in 2021

In a context of intense competition in the field of mobile applications, app creators must succeed in maximizing the retention of their users. A better experience and more transparency in the use of private data: these are the two determining factors in [...]

Cloud: is Platform as a Service really dead?

With the attention of CIOs and developers focusing on IaaS and SaaS, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is struggling to take off. But should we really consider it being at rest?To start off, if you are not familiar with the way SaaS business model works, you [...]

Roles in SaaS Company

SaaS business goes through three main development stages: Early, Growth, and Stability. When your company is at the Early Stage, you can be responsible for multiple processes alone or with your co-founder. But when you enter the most turbulent stage, [...]

What is mobile app design and why it is important?

When a person picks up a phone, he wants to solve a certain problem. Most of the tasks are solved by applications installed on his smartphone. But no matter how functional the application is, if it has a bad design, the user will lose interest. Mobile [...]