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Felipe Oliveira


I help people create income online with different crypto projects and platforms. I only educate what me and my team use to get passive income.




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Crypto Income Machine

-It's true... we've seen up to $489/day with just income stream #1 COTPS-BOTAnd others are even seeing 4 figures in a single day on average!COTPS (Income Stream #1) is a simple, easy-to-use app that allows you to earn up to 3.3% a day on your capital from crypto arbitrage trading.It's pretty slick and not much work is involved, and people are earninga great side income daily.Here are some key benefits of COTPS...✅ Earn up to 3.3% DAILY, 7 days a week✅ Minimum investment is only $9✅ 3 Levels of Referral Rewards✅ Semi-Passive✅ 100% free to use (NO Subscription/upfront costs)✅ 24/7 Support✅ Running since 2019✅ Instant Withdrawals in seconds✅ MSB LicensedIt's currently the #1 Income Stream in the CIM system right now.If you're not yet active then please create your CIM system and activate your COTPS app and start earning passively and from the people you share the system with (or risk losing referral commissions)Create your FREE account hereIf you're already an active member of COTPS and you still would like to use the system to promote it, then create your free CIM account.Any questions, please feel free to drop a comment Keep on winning!

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Created a year ago