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I'm going to build a house. I don't know how to do it but somehow I'll manage.




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Where to get blueprints for an earthbag house

I’ve decided to build a house with earthbags. I have a goal (or win condition), I’ve identified the main resources I will be using (time & energy), & I’ve chosen a strategy (earthbags instead of a boring mortgage). To build with earthbags [...]

The Rest of my Building Material Analysis

SIPS: Sips are really fucking cool, I just can’t afford them. They stand for Structurally insulated panels. If you imagine an oreo where the creme filling is insulation and the outside is wood,plastic, or steel, that’s basically a sip. Giant [...]

What is Affordable housing?

So. Affordable housing. I’m sure there’s an actual legal definition of it. From my limited knowledge of taxes and real estates investing ‘affordable housing’ is a building that caters to people who have ‘low income’ (another legal word). The [...]

How to apply gamification to goal setting

It wasn’t a new years resolution. I just woke up one morning & decided to build a house.  Now, I know thats not a ground breaking revelation. A lot of people build houses but here’s the kicker I decided that I was going to build a house. With my [...]

Searching for my home

Tumultuous. Thats how I would describe the first seven years of my marriage. Not because of the marriage itself, but mainly, our home situation. Literally our housing. We married in Houston as I’m a native being born and raised there. My family has a [...]