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How do Facebook Streamers make money on Facebook Gaming?

You are not the only one interested in this gaming platform! More and more creators have become Facebook streamers to make money by playing games on Facebook Gaming, due to the attractiveness of the platform’s streaming and monetization [...]

The King of Youtube: PewDiePie – Who is the richest Youtuber?

In the memory of Internet users, the Great Subscriber War between T-series and the then most subscribed channel on Youtube-PewDiePie-is still fresh as if it happened yesterday. Although T-series turned out to be the winner, PewDiePie still became the [...]

The rise of product review channel on Youtube – a prosperous niche for creators

We cannot deny the fact that the Youtube platform has greatly contributed to the promotion of marketing and advertising for large service companies, and in particular, the major emergence of product review channels on Youtube, which is an extremely [...]