Mamby on the Beach 2019 - Your guide to the Chicago Music Festival

Music, a transformative tool and gift used by many to sooth the soul, relax the mind, touch the heart and move the body.  Having the ability to pacify animals and nature alike.  With a wide variety of selections to choose from, everyone can find something that inspires and touches them in multiple levels.

When we think about music, from country to pop, heavy metal to grunge, elevator to international, psychedelic to reggae and blues we can all find a commonality.  No matter the speed, tone, vocals, instruments it connects us all.  While we may not all agree on the type of music that we find superior, we all can agree that without it our lives would be boring and lacking in the creative juices that help us rise on those tiring mornings, lift us up when we are sad, give us the courage to ask that girl to dance and basically deal on many levels with the ups and downs in life.

If one imagines a music festival, they might think of a large event with people hoping from watching one performer to the next, breathing in the variety of music from stage to stage.  You might find the opportunity to listen to a grass roots folk singer who inspires you to make a change to your daily routine, followed by a wandering minstrel that recites his stories through songs as was once the case in Medieval times.

Yet another might experience a heart pounding rock band that brings them back in touch with their more primal side after which they dance to the sounds of a Brazilian band that brings out that loving feeling.

The energy at a music festival can hype up the energy within us all touching upon many emotions and thoughts but none more common than that of fun and excitement.  Let’s face it, when we come to a music festival, we come to have a fantastic time, we want to dance, sing along, and have an all-out amazing time. 

Whatever the groove, music festivals have it all, something for everyone.  An experience to be embraced by all, young and old, bringing variety and spice to everyone’s life. They vary in length from a few days to a few weeks, leaving a lasting impression on all who attend until the next year rolls around and we are once again able to embrace their vibe.

It’s a Beach Party

One particularly unique music festival happens every year since it’s first year in 2015.   The Mamby on the Beach festival takes place every summer in Chicago.  It isn’t the only music festival in Chicago, but the type of music showcased is one of the reasons it is so amazing.   Known as and EDM Festival or Electronic Dance Music Festival.  Chicago was also the location where this type of music which might be affectionately known as house music sparked the flame that gave it life.

EDM, club or dance music is typically a lineup of electronic percussion dance music you would typically find in a nightclub, at a rave or festival.  A DJ or disc jockey will put together a seamless set of tracks or mix as they can be known to perform at festivals and clubs, live or live PA.  Popular around the world but having a larger audience here in the USA, Europe and Australia, house and trance music as it can also be known gets and keeps the party going.

The Lowdown on Who, What, When and Where

The festival takes place on sand and grass, beachside, offering numerous amazing views and hip-hop and indie music.  Each year the festival welcomes children under 10 with an accompanying adult in for free which is major score for parents, family members wanting to attend the event with family.

Now there is always more to be had at a music festival, and Mamby on the Beach is no different.  In those moments in between music sets or just when you want to listen while doing something else besides dance there is a variety of ideas.  From yoga to meditation, volleyball to tarot reading and Chakra energy to henna, your inner and outer self can be embraced while you dance the days away.

From previous years Mamby on the Beach events the lineup of artists offered a wide variety of listening pleasure for many generations of individuals.  From grandparents to teenagers to everyone in between there is something to be had at Mamby.  Due to the diversity of the crowd this creates a very unique experience for everyone.  The event typically boasts a lineup of artists that range from the far-reaching artists to embracing local artists.

The fact that this festival takes place on a beach only adds to the aura and creative experience of the whole event.  Sandals to flip flops, tank tops and jeans, Hawaiian shirts, cut offs you name it.  The summertime theme will rain supreme at this event.  Comfortable, relaxed and as inspiring as the artists and their fans this event will rock the beach as it has for the last 4 years.

Food is also a tasteful experience at this beachside festival.  Food truck and locale faire alike can be sampled at the festival.  Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or have a specific allergy you are certain to find something to please your taste buds at this festival.

Traditional street food like hot dogs and tacos, drink favorites of smoothies, sodas, Chai tea, Falafel, Chicken, Acai bowls, Pizza, Pot Stickers and burgers and anything in between will be served.  With a vast selection to choose from it will be impossible for boredom to ever visit your lips at this weekend event.

A festival that will not only touch your soul with the intense grooves of music you will experience but it will also allow you to get in touch with your true spirit as well with the above listed events that will take place throughout the festival.  Enriching you they will provide a lively diversion to the music deepening the experience you have while at Mamby.

The doors typically open around Noon and stay open until 10pm leaving plenty of time for full enjoyment of what the festival has to offer musically.  With ATM’s and free water for your drinking pleasure plus Concession stands that offer electrolyte drinks, you can absolutely stay hydrated and moving during the festival which Chicago embraces during its warm weather season.

There are a variety of methods you can use to get to the festival from local biking, public transportation and using your own vehicle is always an option.  The best buying option is as other ticket companies might not be legitimate or accepted as admission to the event.  No one wants to find themselves at the event but unable to attend the event.

If you are looking for a past history or Mamby on the Beach lineup from previous years to get a glimpse or idea of what may be in store for 2019 you can go to which offer previous year information and lineups for you to check out while you wait for the breaking 2019 dates and musical lineups.

According to the unconfirmed dates for the 2019 season are June 22-23, 2019.  The performing artists and headliners haven’t been announced yet.

If you are traveling from outside the Chicago area and are looking for somewhere to rest up prior to and after the show, Hyatt McCormick Place and Freeland Chicago at 2 sponsor hotels.  There are many other hotels to choose from in and around the Oakland Beach area where the festival takes place according to  This website also brings you the most up to date information on anything relating to Mamby on the Beach in Chicago, so check it out for all previous and upcoming event information that you might be interested in, they are the source for all that is Mamby.

In Conclusion

Mamby is sure to have something for everyone.  A experience to be had by one and all, no matter the age, if you want to get into the music at the beach while in Chicago this festival will hit the proverbial unique spot to leave an impression on all areas of your life once you have experienced it. With a great location, awesome music and many extras to go along with it, this music festival will have you coming back again year after year.

In the meantime, while we wait for the official dates and performers,we can check out these great sites above to rekindle previous events if we attended or know what is in store for us at the 2019 show.  Pack that party gear and use that iPhone to crank out some music from previous year headliners to keep your heart pumping and fee moving while we all wait for the 2019 dates and lineup.  It’s well worth the wait.

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