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Suddenlink Communications is an American telecommunication that specializes in cable television, high-speed internet, broadband phone, home security, and advertising. Precedent to its acquisition by Altice, the company was the seventh-largest cable operator with 1.5 million residential and 90,000 business subscribers. A milestone to be applauded.
The company was started with the name Classic Communications in the year 1192 which got renamed as Celbridge Connections in the year 2003. Finally, the company got its recognition as suddenlink email settings in the year 2006.
Featured offered by the company
The company is biased toward the entertainment and advertising sector. The company specializes in cable television, high-speed internetbroadband phonehome security, and advertising.
High-speed internet
The company holds up it’s marketing to the fact that there is no one faster in the market they serve. The company quotes “There is no one faster in the markets we serve. Internet services often start at 100 Mbps and are up to 1 Gig in select markets. Plus, our world-class technical team and 24/7 customer support ensure outstanding service.”
Qualities of there advanced wi-fi
Along with the high-speed internet and the super-advanced technology which blankets your house with full coverage, they provide the following features:
Intelligence built-in
It always knows precisely where your devices are and hence you are always connected to the best signal.
Expandable Coverage
Scalable to deliver seamless coverage throughout your home no matter the shape or size thus providing added benefits as compared to other companies in the industry.
Access to Cheddar and Curiosity Stream
Along with the high-speed internet, they also provide access to Cheddar, a leading media, news, and entertainment company. You can Enjoy complimentary access to all the best business, tech, culture, and headline news on the Cheddar website and app, included with your Email Settings Internet service.
Sudden link internet customers can also avail of an exclusive, complimentary subscription to CuriosityStream and watch thousands of award-winning documentaries and non-fiction TV shows.
Protection: A priority
For just $6.99 a month, you won’t need to worry about standard service visit fees when a home visit is required to resolve customer-caused in-home damage. Along with it, you can also avail of peace of mind by choosing device protection and virtual support on your eligible current and future equipment and devices starting at $9.99/mo.
Cable television
Suddenlink provides a world-class television experience with its variety of channel packages and addons. It offers the hottest premium channels from Showtime, Starz, and more. Some of its other exciting features are:
  • Cloud DVR Plus – You can record up to 15 shows simultaneously with Suddenlink’s entertainment experience, plus watch in any room in the house. It’s your TV, on your schedule which makes the company more choosable than others.
  • TiVo® – TiVo HD/DVRs give you the ultimate control of your entertainment experience by providing you the features like record, rewind, or pause.
  • Video on Demand Enjoy access to the best selection of the latest TV shows, hit movies, and more, anytime with your television connection.
  • Pay Per View – With Pay Per View you’ll get a front-row seat to live events like boxing, wrestling, and more. A benefit to count upon.
  • Altice News – With Suddenlink TV, you get access to the best in business, national and international news with Cheddar and i24NEWS.

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