You are here for a reason

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Sometimes we don't see the reason we are here. We live a life without love. We feel unwanted and just used all the time. What if we could just realize the reason we are on this earth? What are you doing in your every day life? Are you trying to cheer someone up every day? Well, that just might be your purpose - to be the ray of sunshine in someone else's life. 

Do you feel constantly drained, because you make sure that nobody in your home or family fights the whole time? Well, maybe you are the glue that keeps them all together - without you they will not make it. 

Always giving all your energy and love towards others? That is because you know how it feels to be without love, you know the hurt, the loneliness, the sadness. If you give your all to those around you your role is the biggest in their lives, they might not always appreciate you, or show their gratefulness, but without you, they will drown in despair. Stay positive, you are here for a reason. Keep on going EVERY single day. 

Have a blessed day xx 

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Motivation is a thing all of us need daily to live, laugh and love. I love Building other people up.

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