Writing an Excuse Letter for Not Attending a Funeral

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Moments of grief are a time when you need your loved ones the most. Pain has a strange way of connecting us, often at a much deeper level than joy can. That is why, when a dear one passes away, we want to be surrounded by all who were associated with him or us. However, life is not always simple and sometimes despite wanting to, some of our friends or family are unable to make it to such an important occasion for one reason or another. You can visit the grave site later on, however, there are ways to politely let your extended family or friends know that you will not be able to attend their funeral. 

In such a case, the best that they can do is expressing their deep regret at not being able to attend the funeral and the most solemn way to do that is by sending an excuse letter to the family of the deceased.

A letter is a very dignified way to honor the deceased and communicates your regard and respect for him. If you ever come across this situation, where circumstances restrain you from making it to a relative or friend's funeral, waste no time in composing an excuse letter to post to his family. Express your extreme desire to want to be there for them at such a tragic time and convey how you understand the magnanimity of the situation. Talk about the virtues of the deceased and how he would always be remembered for them. You can also state your reason for not being able to attend the funeral and may commit to visiting them as soon as circumstances allow.

While these days typing and email are the common means of communication but a handwritten, posted letter has its own uniqueness and value attached to it. For an occasion as sensitive as a funeral,doing the extra bit is always recommended. While ideally you would want to be there in person to attend a dear one's funeral, the next best thing you can do is sending an apology letter along with a bouquet of flowers to express the same. Doing this will be therapeutic for you as well as it would comfort you to know that in some way or the other, you were part of the services. Sometimes, letters are written with such warmth and feeling that they are shared at the funeral with all attendees, being read to them as a tribute to the deceased.

Time is very crucial in this matter, though as if put off for too long, there would be no point in sending an excuse letter. In case you already know that a dear one is on death bed and has only a few days to live, compose your excuse letter in advance if you know for a fact that you won't be able to make it to the funeral, be it due to financial, personal or work constraints. Writing an Excuse letter for not attending a funeral.

Many people feel embarrassed about not being able to make it to a dear one's funeral but feel clueless as to how express their deep regret about it. A phone call may convey the message but a letter sent to the family of the deceased can be something that they can hold on to for years to come and will also voice your devotion and love for them in black and white. 

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