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So far in this series, I've covered blogging, and writing guest posts. If you are interested in making money from writing, then blogging and guest posting are certainly great places to start, but there are so many opportunities on the Internet for writers to make some money that it would be silly to limit yourself to just those two options. In this post, I'm going to talk about content markets, freelance writing platforms, and job boards for writers.
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Writer Job Boards Narrow Down the Search

There is no shortage of job boards that can be found on the internet. Many of these job boards have a broad range of job listings. There are also specialized job boards that are focused on one industry, or job type. If you are interested in earning a living from writing, I recommend checking out some of the job boards that are focused on writing gigs. Most of these job boards are updated with brand new opportunities on a daily basis, so if you really want to earn a living from creating content, then you should be checking them on a daily basis. Here are some job boards that I recommend checking out, and they are specifically for writers:
All Freelance Writing - Features a job board specifically for freelance writing gigs. This site is basically a network where one can hire freelance writers for all of their content needs, or find a writing gig to make some money on. Their is also a writer directory which is free for writers to create and post their profile in.

Blogging Pro - This is a blog that covers everything related to making a living from blogging. They also have a job board for blogging related gigs.

Contena - This job board is specifically for writers and editors.

Freelance Writing - This job board has listings for blog and article writers, press release writers, website content writers, email newsletter writers, product description writers, and white paper writers.

Freelance Writing Jobs - This site has a job board for writers, blogging and writing tips, and a big list of other websites that hire writers.

I Hire Publishing - Job board with tons of publishing related jobs. On their homepage, they claim to add 200 + new publishing jobs on a daily basis! So if that is truly the case, one should have no issues finding gigs here.

Media Bistro - Huge job board for writers of all types. You can perform searches on their job and narrow your searches by writing topic, or geography.

Pro Blogger - This site has a job board for writers, a blog about freelance writing as well as a podcast, and a section that is full of free resources for writers.

Write Jobs - A list of some of the latest and greatest writing gigs available which is updated daily.
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Use Freelance  Writing Platforms to Showcase Your Work

While job boards are mainly designed for job seekers to find jobs, freelance platforms are designed for employers to find people that they can hire to fulfill their business needs. Freelance platforms are very advantageous to you as a writer for hire, because they give you the tools to really promote what you have to offer and showcase your work.
Below you'll find a list of freelance writing websites that are free to register to. Anybody that is serious about earning a living as a fulltime freelance writer should have a profile set up on every one of the platforms listed below.
Clear Voice - On this platform, freelance writers can set up a profile for free, and set their own rates. Clear Voice will provide you with a dashboard where you can customize your profile, and provide prospects with samples of your work.

Content Runner - Another freelance writing platform where writers can set up their profile for free, and browse or receive paying assignments from people in need of content.

Content Writers - This platform allows writers to register for free, and take on paid writing assignments. Writers are required to select an industry to focus their expertise in.

Copify - This platform is for freelance copywriters. To register to this platform, you must fill out an application. Once your application is approved, you will be listed in the copywriter directory, and you can begin taking on paid assignments.

Crowd Content - This platform connects writers, and editors with people that are in need of content, or people that wish to outsource editing work. Once you register to this platform, you'll find a wide range of assignment types including everything from article writing to social media posts. As a writer, or an editor on Crowd Content, you must apply for each assignment individually and, for the ones that you get accepted for, you will be paid upon assignment completion.

E-byline - This website matches content creators of all types with individuals, and brands in need of content. You don't necessarily need to be a writer to find work on this platform, because, aside from written content assignments, there are also products in need of photo content, video content, and even infographics.

Express Writers - This is another platform that connects content writers with those in need of written content. To register as a writer, you must fill out an application, and be approved. One notable feature of this platform is their resources page which provides free guides, and courses to help writers improve.

Freedom with Writing - This website isn't exactly a freelance writing platform, but I thought that it fit best under the category. Freedom with Writing is more of a resource for writers. If you create content for a living, than you need to sign up to this site's newsletter, because by doing so, you'll receive daily emails about the latest paid writing gigs that are available. This website also has a ton of free tools, and resources to help writers excel in their careers.

Ghost Blog Writers - This is a blog writing service for businesses. To register as a writer, you need to fill out an application and get through the approval process. If you are hired, you must be able to complete 1 to 3 blog posts weekly, but you will also receive a guaranteed weekly payment.

Greenlight Articles - Article writing, and article spinning service. This platform is free, and easy to register to as a writer. To take on paid assignments, you simply need to create a profile, there is no application to fill out, or an approval process of any kind. Be aware however,  that when you click on the link to register to this site, you will be redirected to Iwriter.com; not to worry, as Iwriter owns Greenlight Articles.

Helium Network - This site hires freelance editorial professionals to work on assignments for a broad range of clientele from retailers, newspapers and magazines to legal, medical, and financial institutions.

Hire Writers - This platform allows writers to register for free, and begin accepting writing assignments. As a writer, you will be paid $20 per article that you complete, and you can take on as many assignments as you would like. Hire Writers pays its freelancers every Friday for work completed during the week.

Hiring Writers - This website is always hiring freelance writers, although they do not provide a ton of information. Candidates must fill out an application, and if hired, the pay ranges from $4 to $12 per page.

I Writer - This is the same company that owns Greenlight Articles. To register as a writer on their platform, you must fill out an application, and get approved. Once approved to be on the platform, you may begin accepting paid writing assignments.

Online Writing Jobs - This platform pays its writers up to $50 per article, and they pay out weekly. When you apply, you get to determine which topics you are willing to write about.

Quietly - This platform provides its writers with their own dashboard where they can showcase their work to prospects. When you apply to Quietly, you will be asked to list your areas of expertise, and any topics of interest which allows them to send you only the writing assignments that are the most suitable for you.

Scripted - This platform requires all applicants to pass a writing test before they are approved to take on writing assignments. Once approved, you can create your own profile on the platform, and set your own prices for your services.

Skyword - This platform connects its clients to writers, videographers, photographers, and designers. So you don't need to necessarily be a writer to register as a freelancer here, as there are assignments that require photo, and video content as well.

Text Broker - This platform welcomes writers of every skill level. As you take on assignments with Text Broker, you are rated by the clients that you complete projects for, as your rating increases, so does your access to higher paying jobs.

Verblio - Yet another platform for freelance writers. Verblio's requirements for writers are pretty straightforward. To write for Verblio, you have to have impeccable grammar, strong research skills, a basic understanding of modern SEO and content marketing, and you must also be a US citizen who is at least 18 years of age.

Word Gigs - These guys seem to be geared more towards people that are looking for a side hustle, or a way to supplement their income,  although, the website does state that writers can accept as many assignments as they would like. The types of writing assignments that you will find here include article writing, press releases, web content, and e-book writing.

Words of Worth - In order to get accepted on this platform as a writer for hire, you will be required to write a trial article and, if your article passes the test, you're in. This website also has a course on freelance writing for business that you can take  for $39.95, if you feel that it is worth the investment.

Writer Acces - This platform is truly designed to help writers succeed. As a registered writer, you'll have access to a plethora of tools and resources to help you land gigs, and create amazing content. There is also a gateway to several free courses designed to help writers improve their skills.

Writer Bay - Unlike all of the other freelance writing platforms, this one has all of its writers on a salary. In order to be hired, you must have a bachelor's degree. Hired writers enjoy the benefits of having a competitive salary, as well as the freedom that comes with working remotely.

Writer's Domain - This platform is always in need of writers for multiple languages. Beyond that, not much other info is provided.

Writing Bunny - This platform only accepts seasoned writers. When you apply here, be prepared to submit your best writing samples. If you are accepted to the platform, you will have access to only high paying writing jobs.

Zemandi - I can't think of anything better than the first paragraph on this site's homepage as far as a description goes, so here it is: "ZEMANDI is a top provider of freelance writing jobs for internet content. We have a never-ending stream of orders from all kinds of clients. We can safely say we always have work."

Zerys - These guys claims to be the #1 rated content creation platform, so I say that it is up to you to decide whether this is a fact or their opinion.


Content Markets Can Monetize Content That Falls Through the Cracks

As a fulltime freelance writer, you have to come to terms with the fact that some of the content you create may not be accepted by the first client that you create it for. Does that mean you should allow the time, and the effort that you put into creating the content go to waste? Of course not!
This is where content markets come in. Anytime that you have a piece of content that you don't have a client for, or that you're not using yourself, you can still ensure that the work you put into it pays off, by putting the content up for sale. A piece of content that you create may be a no go with the first person that you pitch it to, but if the said piece of content is halfway decent, then there is likely someone out there that would be willing to pay money for it. Now, if you go this route, you may have to accept a lower payment than you originally wanted, but at least the work you put into the content won't be a complete loss. Here are the content markets that I recommend using:
Article Sale - On this platform, you can list your written content for sale at no charge. Your listings will tend to get buried as people list other articles for sale, so I suggest re-posting your listings every couple of days or so until you find buyers for them.

BKA Content - This is a Fiverr like platform where writers can sell gigs. Basically, you can create listings for each type of content that you're willing to create, and how much you'll charge for said content.

Constant Content - This website is both a freelance writing platform, and a content market, so registered writers can take on paid writing gigs, or sell articles they've already written, or both.

Dot Writer - This is  another content market that is free to register to, and list articles for sale. Each time one of your articles sells, Dot Writer only keeps a small percentage of the sales revenue.

Kontent Cart - Marketplace for licensed content. This platform is used by some of the top publishers in their respected industries.


If you were paying attention, I just gave you a formula to ensure your success as a fulltime freelance writer. Here is that formula in a nutshell:
  • Check each writer job board daily for new paid writing gigs.
  • Register to ALL of the freelance writing platforms, and log onto them daily to check for new paid writing assignments.
  • Sign up to the newsletter on Freedom With Writing to receive new paid writing gigs in your inbox daily
  • Save all of the content that you don't have buyers for so that you can list it for sale in the content markets.
If you stick with the above formula, you should always have a steady stream of paid writing gigs, and you should be able to monetize all of the content that you create. Did I miss any job boards, freelance platforms, or content markets? If so, please list them in the comments below.
In the next post, I will discuss opportunities for you to get paid to write poetry, essays, and greeting cards. In the meantime, make sure that you sign up for my weekly newsletter to receive more in-depth content like this that is only available to subscribers.
Thank you for reading!
This page contains affiliate links. In the event of a sale, I will be awarded a small commission, at no cost to you!

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