WooCommerce 3.9: Innovation for WP Merchants to Facilitate Store Management

Wordpress’s eCommerce plugin WooCommerce has made a name for itself amongst online merchants with its unique services. This plugin allows Wp users to smoothly run their online stores and manage their online business securely in the Wordpress Platform.  Further, WP allows customization in the WooCommerce platform as well, which makes it both flexible and easy to use.

However, WooCommerce is relatively new to the market and might not be the best solution for large scale stores, as it has limited scope. But for SMBs it might be the perfect fit, as it lets them take their platform online with lesser efforts and expenditure. And with regular releases, it is improvising on a regular basis to make it more efficient.

About WooCommerce 3.9

WooCommerce 3.9 is the latest version of the WooCommerce plugin, which has been recently released to add an extra dose of functionality to WooCommerce’s Platform. It has almost 600 commits in it and everything in this version is backward compatible with previous versions of WooCommerce.

Features of WooCommerce 3.9

WooCommerce 3.9 is loaded with a number of amazing features. Although it is a minor release, it is loaded with numerous unique features to aid merchants in smoothly running their online stores. Below is a list of features of the new release on WooCommerce 3.9 :

WooCommerce Blocks: WooCommerce 3.9 comes with the 2.5.11 version of the WooCommerce block. With this version of the WooCommerce version, a merchant will have a product block with facilities of filter pagination e.tc. These added features present the WooCommerce 3.9 can aid merchants in managing their storefront more efficiently. Hence updating to WooCommerce 3.9 can improvise the store management aspect of online stores.

MaxMind Geolocation integration: WooCommmerce 3.9 also had a Maxmind Geolocation feature in it. With this feature, merchants can use Geolite database2 to determine a customer’s location. To use this, a merchant has to sign an end-user license agreement. And with the latest integration, woo commerce has allowed merchants to automatically using it in their store.

Enhanced Payment: This version of WooCommerce includes payment gateway APIs. These APIs support payment buttons and enable merchants to perform better button setup and customization.

WP and PHP Version limitation: To ensure that the merchants run their store in a safe and secure environment, WooCommerce has also changed its version limitation. Now to run WooCommerce 3.9 efficiently and smoothly, merchants need minimum Wordpress version 5.0 and PHP version 7.0.
How to upgrade to WooCommerce 3.9.

With amazing new features, updating your WooCommerce store to its latest version 3.9 is a must. Also, without the update, you might expose your business to bugs and security threats as well. To Upgrade your WooCommerce store to 3.9 version follow the steps below or you can also hire a WordPress developer as well to get an extra helping hand with the process:

Firstly, before upgrading you need to create a backup for your store, which can be done in both ways automatically and manually.

Once you are done with creating the backup, enable the Geolocation and update your site on the Staging state.

And once testing on the staging state is done, go to WooCommerce plugin and in the setting sections select Update now to perform the update.

Upgrading your WooCommerce store to a latest version is a must. As with this merchants can take advantage of the latest features and make their secure and functional. This, as a result, aids merchants in better store management and helps them in delivering unique user experience.

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