Women’s IPL set to be held in November 2020?

Sourav Ganguly the president of BCCI has confirmed that the Women’s T20 Challenge, Women’s IPL is scheduled in UAE during November this 2020. As per a report of PTI, the torment of Women cricket will hold on November bwtween1-10 in UAE. This one of the awaited challenger series which is popularly known as women’s mini IPL.

Due to COVID-19 women’s cricket was coming to a grinding haul. The senior IPL official even confirmed that the date of the final tournament is been finalized and it's going to be held from November 4 to 9.

Between the three teams single round robin will take place. The teams are Trailblazers, Supernovas, and Velocity along with the final.

The final will be conducted on 9 November so that it does not clash with the men's IPL final match.

The BCCI announced last week that the women selection panel Neetu David the former left-arm spinner is given the duty of picking three squads. By the second week of October, the team will fly to UAE and will maintain a 6-day mandatory quarantine. This is the rule they have to follow unless any health safely rules change when they arrive.

Women ipl 2020 team did not have any practice for a long time so they need adequate time to do their practice on the field. Due to health safety reasons, this time more Indian women will play in the teams as the COVID-19 virus is active all over the world.

Due to Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL) the women cricket team of Australia and England as they have already signed a contract prior. As the dates of Women’s Challengers clashed with WBBL so they are not going to be present there.

Smriti Madhana, Shafali Verma, and Harmanpreet Kaur the Indian women players were supposed to be in WBBL but now due to this situation they are not able to be part of the cash-rich women’s franchise league. The matches can be held in Dubai or Sharjah considering as separate quarantine rules.

If you are a fantasy cricket lover then in this IPL fantasy league you can even try your luck. As the women ipl 2020 is also being seduced then you just have to keep ready with the team and the players taking part in the game. This will help in selecting better players and ever more points and earn by that.

In fantasy cricket, you have to create an efficient team of 11 which will help in winning more points. From these points at the end, you can earn and win money. Fantasy cricket is nothing but a prediction game and is even legal in India.

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while putting money in fantasy cricket. If you have experience in cricket then this is the best place where you can showcase your skills. Most of the people in India love cricket and now fantasy cricket will help in making your quarantine life easy.

Women’s IPL will start from November 4 to 9 as there are just 3 teams this time. Most of the women from different countries can’t participate due to WBBL. Just 4 matches will be held and will not clash with the men IPL final. This match is going to be interesting and you will love to play fantasy cricket. The women players will arrive in UAE by the second week of October and have to say for six-day quarantine which is mandatory.

This time the teams will have more Indian Girls as COVID-19 is in pick so it’s important to take care of the health also. It is an entertainment game and you will love to put your predicted team forward and you can even win the cash prize. There are some rules and regulations that you need to follow which will help in playing the prediction game.

The rules and regulations of all mail are simple so you can even follow those. The captain and vice-captain are one of the important players in your team. So you must select the people wisely.

There are huge points for all the activities that all the players you chose. There are some points in catching, run-out, etc which can even help you gain more points.

All this will help in making your rank in the league-high and you will even win the cash price. Fantasy game is not just about the experience but it is also about how your strategies things.

The strategy is one of the things which are very important in a fantasy game. You have to make some or other strategies to win the league. You can even choose players as per the pitch or the weather. It is completely your strategy. You can change your team until the match starts on the field.

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