Win the Trust of Your Customers by Leveraging Smart SMS App

In today’s era, having a reliable, quick, and ubiquitous mode of communication is much more than just a convenience. Rather it has become a priority for most organizations that need to connect with their customers at any point in time and wherever they are. While there is no dearth of internet-operated modes of communication, text messaging or in other words SMS (Short messaging service) continues to remain relevant and one of the most powerful means of communication.
This internet independent business communication tool can be leveraged by organizations to get wider audience reach and shorter response time. In fact, it is one of the safest and sure-shot ways of promoting the products, services, and brand of a company. By using SMS, organizations can send promotional messages to their customers or prospects, share details of the service provider, send OTP (One Time Password) without the need for internet connectivity.
Besides being used as a service outside of a business management tool, SMS can be functioned in a fully operational Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to send individual/ bulk SMS es. One such app is the Smart SMS App, which is built natively on the Salesforce platform and allows the admin/owner to send individual/ bulk SMS to the Leads, Account, Contacts from the Salesforce panel by creating multiple users and allocating the authorization to send SMS es.
This Salesforce texting app is endowed with a wide array of powerful features that can help organizations get an edge over their competitors. Let’s take a quick look at some of them:
Incoming Messages Displayed on Home Page: This feature allows sales reps to respond immediately to customer responses as they can view incoming messages on the home page.
SMS Scheduler: This feature allows sales reps to schedule the sending of SMS es on a desired date and time to the intended recipients automatically without manual intervention by the sales reps.
Auto Responses: This feature helps in providing auto-response to customers whenever their response matches pre-defined keywords.
SMS from Report: Users get the opportunity to create standard and custom reports depending on the data they wish to view. Sales reps prepare reports of the emails and calls that go unreciprocated. These reports are used to create strategies that can maximize customer responses. This feature helps sales reps to select the report, the number from and to which they wish to send SMS, and the template.
Quick Wrap-up:
So, if you wish to promote your brand to a wider audience base then make sure you leverage the power of the Smart SMS app - one of the best SMS App for SalesforceYou are sure to gain a competitive edge over your counterparts.

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