Why You Shouldn’t Buy Likes (or Followers or Impressions) on Instagram

Instagram isn't implementing these things to be cruel, but instead, because they want to get rid of the fake involvement that takes place.  Can they shut down your account when and if you buy followers or likes?   However they could and is that a threat you wish to take?


Because, let's be honest, if you have a following but none of your followers are viewing, enjoying or commenting in your articles, it is not worth anything to them.  Instead, they are currently paying for vulnerability.

  So since the instagram algorithm has made things hard in the industry, many have turned to improve those numbers.  But the reality is, no one should buy likes or followers or impressions (or anything else like it) on Instagram.

Spend Your Time and Money on Better Things

All it takes is just one click to notice whether your likes or followers were purchased.  The accounts are obvious and not hard to see.  They are usually accounts with buy instagram followers australia titles that are personal or have a lot of random numbers, letters or symbols, don't really mean anything or have less than 10 posts using a bio that is vague, with no profile pictures.  People are discovering if within moments, 500-1000 likes have jumped.

You may think that bumping against your numbers is going to help you to acquire efforts, but the reality is that it is hurting you. 

 The instagram algorithm is all about figuring out who's liking your posts.  Where in the world are they?  How old are they?  Are they male or female?  That information shows up in your insights.  Particularly if you're purchasing followers. 

 And that can work against you when and if a company asks to determine your demographics.  Additionally it is not helping you to have a bigger hit, like most men and women think. 

 An influx of follows or enjoys unexpectedly, and without reason, is going to flag your account as engaging in suspicious activity.  With that mark in your account, you are probably going to be less likely to show up in any hunts, where people will engage with or accompany you.

I'm not going to sugar coat it.  Many choose to appear away when they see it happening, but it is time we were honest with one another and spoke about it.

You Are Damaging Your Standing 

Let us face it, if you've decided this is the route that you want to take, nobody will change your mind, especially not me.  So think about it.  You can not just do it once.

  For you to have one photo with thousands of enjoys and all of the others, how can it search?  You'll buy likes for another one.  And then another one.  Because those amounts won't match up and then, you'll buy impressions.  Perhaps you will purchase followers to keep up with the illusion you have created.  That may get costly to maintain.  And in the end, what exactly are you really spending your cash on?

There's no way, unless you are a Kardashian, which you're getting that kind of involvement in the period of a minute.  Most companies will do their due diligence and also check to be sure that your engagement is genuine and organic.  They see as do the rest of us what you're doing.  And until you were hired by them, if they didn't, they will when they assess your engagement.


If you do not find you have the time for real engagement, hire a virtual assistant!  Or in the event that you're able to spare it, then spend 15-30 minutes locating your target audience and enjoying and commenting on their posts.  It's like letting them know you're there and tapping someone.  You will discover that some will return the favor, check out your feed or even follow you.

It's Expensive To Maintain

Do you give someone $50 for a mirage of water? In case you were in the desert, hot and thirsty?  No... you would probably just spend the time looking for actual water.

You Could Lose Your Instagram Account:

For bloggers and influencers, numbers matter.  They matter a Good Deal!  They are probably going to pass on working together if a company sees an account with lots of followers, but very low engagement. 

I'm sure not or whether you are a serial-engagement buyer, you have spent a fantastic deal of time and energy building up your account.buy   instagram likes australia is breaking down on third-party apps and buying enjoyment, follow, etc..  You should not be placing yourself in a situation where you can wake up and lose your accounts.

It is not Helping You

1 person, with real interest in what you have to say is worth much followers or more than likes.  Spend your time creating your brand, not destroying it.

This business is a small one.  Agencies and companies speak to one another.  If a person discovers you have been spending cash to bulge against your numbers, they can share that information with potential customers. 

 That could decide whether you are hired for campaigns in the long run.  People in the community speak, plus.  Nobody wants to associate themselves with someone who's trying to deceive the system.

Let's be real... regardless of how many different reasons I provide you, the most important reason, is that it is fraud.  You're telling your followers that you are, what you love and what you think in when you become a blogger or influencer. 

 The same is true with.  You are promoting a service to them, which ought to provide your viewers with exposure.  The participation on your posts are purchased or if this audience is purchased, you're selling them a lie.

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