Why Wearing A Mask Is Important To Reduce The Coronavirus Spread?

Most people understand the importance of wearing masks, among many mask types selecting the right one is a difficult task. One of the health experts concluded in his research that wearing facial masks is a basic element of coronavirus mitigation strategies. There are several options when it comes to the selection of masks. There two most common and comparatively more effective than other types of masks.  The two masks are N95 and surgical masks, both masks have a layer of China melt blown BFE fabric.
To understand the importance of wearing masks, it is very important to know how the virus is spread. Primarily. The virus is transmitted through Flugge droplets, which means the droplets which are produced by humans while coughing and sneezing. Even while talking, singing or any type of activities in which human breath is expelled. The human-produced droplets measure from 0.5 to 10 microns. These droplets are very tiny but unfortunately very dangerous. The virus transmitted the virus by becoming airborne and inhaled.
There are several kinds of research and videos available which tell about the danger of coronavirus and how masks give layers of protection against the virus. People should know the importance of covering their faces. As there are different types of face coverings, their strength and properties are also different from each other. For instance, a folded handkerchief is caused in droplets traveling three inches, one foot. Moreover, another example can be bandana are the least effective face covering, with traveling of droplets three feet. Only 2.5 inches traveling of droplets results from the cloth face masks, achieved with two fabric layers.

Two most common and effective facial masks:

N95 respirator masks:

N95 masks are used by front-line health care workers to protect from dangerous airborne particles and liquids. These masks provide proper fitting to make sure that there is no leakage. It is highly recommended that N95 masks reserve for health care workers as pandemic continues to take the roll. These filters down to 0.3 microns. The N95 masks are effective in blocking tiny particles.

Surgical masks:

Another effective, common, and cheap masks which fight against the dangerous particles are surgical masks. These masks are made up of three layers, the middle layer is of Melt blown BFE Fabric. These are loose-fitting disposable masks. These are commonly seen in dentists and doctors’ offices. They are available in different thicknesses which means different protection levels.

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