Why Social Media Promotion Is Important And How Can You Bring Your Web Page To The First Page Of SERP

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Why Social Media Promotion Is Important?

Have you ever dreamt of a life without social media? It is very challenging right? Yes, we all know that it is unimaginable to think our life without social media channels, the whole world is addicted to this networking site. 

Firstly, it is important to know, what is social media? Social Media is all about connecting people and sharing our idea, interest with the members of the social media channel.

Now this the time to focus on our main topic(Why Social Media Promotion Is Important?). Currently, social media has become a place where information can be spread in the speed of light. Now let us see the reasons behind why social media promotion is important? Fabricating the right strategy for the business/product/service/many more will yield a good result.

  • Hype 

The information which is posted on the social media channels will get hype very soon and it can be spread like a wildfire. So, for all business publicity is important through this medium they can inform the public about their services.

  • Feedback

As we all know that if any picture, video or other kind of information is posted on social media, there will be different kind of feedback, likes, dislikes, shares. So, by researching properly about the business the entrepreneur can predict the future of the business.

  • Crowd 

Social media is more effective in reaching the crowd when we compare with traditional kind of marketing system. Social media has the potential to reach millions and millions of folks. To make your business reach to the large crowd these(Social Media Channels) are optimal.

  •  Traffic 

Social media channels are crucial to get more traffic to the website. The information which is circulated in the social media has the possibility to convert as the traffic because folks may again search about the business even via search engines.

  • Revenue 

Social media channels plays an important role in increasing the revenue of the business. Most of the companies have shifted their strategy from traditional marketing to the marketing which is done with the help of social media channels. The companies which have relied on social media have really earning a good revenue.


Social media marketing sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and many more have become an inseparable part of their strategies while promoting their business.

How Can You Bring Your Web Page To The First Page Of SERP?

In the world of digital marketing, keywords are crucial. Bringing the keyword on the first page of the search engine is not an easy task, it needs a lot of backend efforts like we need to do a lot of research by considering various keywords(based on competition, average visitors and many other factors).

We can get the website/webpage at the first page by various means like by paid(based upon the bidding the keywords will be paid for impressions as well as clicks), by organic means or if you are targeting local then you can use GMB(Google My Business) as a medium to rank top.

Our target keyword is “web designers in Bangalore”, The different factors which are necessary to bring the keyword to the first page of the search engine by organic means are listed below. 

  • Keyword 

Keyword is an important factor to bring the website to the first page of the search engine. After doing the deep analysis about the different keywords we should choose the optimal keyword. The keyword should be used once in H1 tag, twice in H2 tag, can use multiple times in H3,H4,H5 and H6 tag.

 It is important to determine the keywords of the specific niche like “hotels near me”, “BBA colleges in Hubli”, “biggest mall in bangalore” and many more. If we are working for a software company we may get the keywords like “web development company”, “web design company”, “software development companies”, “web development company”,” best website designers” and many more. 

  • Title 

The keyword which we have chosen as the optimal that keyword should be present in the title which will be visible to the visitors. The character limit should be around 60 to 70. The different modifiers should be used while writing the title like “best'', “guide'', ”2019''. Minimum two keywords should be used in this title.

    Let us consider the title as

web designers in bangalore | web development company in bangalore

  • URL

As per the convention of google it is better to have a short URL rather than the long URL. The keyword should be included even in the URL, ugly URLs should be avoided because it decreases website rank.

    Let us consider the URL as

https://ultimez.com/web designers in bangalore

  • Description 

Description is important to attract the visitors, it will summarise the website. The character limit used in the description is less than 160. The optimal keyword should be used in this description also. Minimum three keywords should be used in this description.

    Let us consider the description as

Ultimez is the place where you can get the best web designers in Bangalore, we provide various services related to software services and development. call now.

  • Content  

The content has the power to increase the dwell time of the visitor, it should not have any spelling mistakes and it should have 0% plagiarism. In content, the keywords can be used 2-3 times. It is optimal to drop the keywords within the 100 words of the content.

 The content written on the website should be unique and interesting, unwanted data should not be used in the content(just to increase the quantity). Stealing the content from other websites is an offence, robots.txt can identify if you do so. The content should not be overloaded with keywords, it impacts on the ranking of the website.

  • Mobile friendly

It is mandatory from Google, since from 2015 that all websites should be mobile friendly because mobile users are skyrocketing every day. Our website should be compatible with all kinds of users irrespective of mobile, tablet or desktop.  

The webpage or the website should be checked with post fixing /amp to the URL. If it is mobile friendly it displays as Valid AMP, otherwise Page cannot be reached

  • Speed 

    The speed of a website is an important factor when it comes to ranking your website, none of the users likes the website which takes more time to load. There are different tools to test the speed of the website.

    The Page Speed Insights can be used to check the speed of the webpage, it should be checked with mobile and desktop application. The optimal speed should be more than 90.     

  • Security

It is mandatory to have security to the website, the visitor feels uninterested to use websites which are not secure. The website should have an SSL certificate, the SSL certified websites will be with HTTPS.

  • Images 

    The images should be optimized whenever it is necessary, the images should have alt tag and caption. Alt tag will be useful when images fail to load, it describes the image and it is useful to the vision-impaired visitors. Caption acts like a title to the image, the high quality images should be used to attract the visitors. 

  • Backlinks 

Backlinks are very important to increase traffic to your website, a good quality backlinks should be created by doing guest posting, working on Q & A sites and many more. If there are any spam then it will be identified by the robots.txt.

  • Social media

Before a decade, there is a drastic change in website development. Initially, the website was not connected with the social media channels but now all the websites are connected with social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram. Connecting our website with social media channels is also a ranking factor.

  • Active 

It is important to check the activeness of the website regularly, continuous updating and maintenance of the website is mandatory to get a good rank to the website. Update the website often with various topics like new products, upcoming products or services and many more.

  • Contact us

The address  of the business should be mentioned properly in the website and the important thing is to update the location of the business because google gives more preference to the business which is listed with map. So, it is better to update the location of the business.


The wish of all the webmasters is to secure the top rank in the search engine result page, to make that dream come true we need to equip our website as per the standards of the search engines.

Ultimez is the pool of app developers, software developers, digital marketing strategists. It is one of the best it companies in hubli. CALL NOW for information.

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