Why Should You Consider Becoming A Teacher

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Now that you have graduated from your college and are armed with a degree, it is time to step into the professional world. There are many careers one can wish to pursue. However, as most will tell you from their experience, the job as a teacher is the most fulfilling and satisfactory. 

Here are some reasons to help you figure out if being a teacher is the right profession for you.

  1. It is considered a noble profession

Just as doctors and nurses serve the community, the teachers also play a vital role in improving society. They not only educate students about various subjects but also teach manners and etiquettes that are important in the long run. They shape young lives and contribute to the upbringing of the future generation. 

  1. Brings you self- satisfaction and inner peace

It can be very satisfying to see a student whom you have taught, achieve great success. You can feel proud thinking that you had some contribution to their success. When you see the students listening to every word you have to say, and when they understand the concepts you are teaching, you can have a sense of authority and compassion towards them. This compassion may help you as well as the student, in gaining joy from the process of education and learning.

  1. Get admiration from students

When students who have graduated come to you after several years and remember you, show you respect and thank you for your contribution in their lives, it can elevate your sense of self and give you a feeling of deep inner satisfaction. You can finally see the bigger picture and believe that all the years of hard work were not as useless as they seemed to be at times.

  1. The work schedule is family-friendly

The work timings of a teacher are highly favourable. You can attend to all your family responsibilities and focus on your teaching obligations with ease. A teacher’s job starts earlier than most careers as teachers must be present at the school before the students. It’s an active job, and teachers get off after the students get off. This enables the teacher to reach home before mid-day, unlike other duties that mostly require more hours. 

  1. Less taxing

Compared to other professions, the job of a teacher is less taxing. They are required to put in less than 8 hours a day, which is a standard requirement for most jobs. Once the school ends, they can go home. Apart from that, teachers get summer breaks, weekends, and all public holidays. For any reason, when the students are off, the teachers get to enjoy the day off as well.

Choosing to be a teacher as a profession is definitely a rewarding job, but coming into this profession, one must know that it is not an easy job either. As easy as it sounds, it requires a great deal of responsibility which the teacher has to fulfil to the best of their abilities. 

If you are excellent in writing custom essays, and you have the tolerance and patience in you, then being a teacher is the right profession for you. If you feel like it is your calling, then go for it!

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