Why do we like Game Boy Advance SP? Your memories

Game Boy Advance SP
2003 has long been gone. Many new consoles have come out. All are powerful and have a lot of fun video games. Each of them has taken its place in the hearts of gamers. But there is one that can not be forgotten. Her name - Game Boy Advance SP!

It was not as powerful as other consoles on the market. It has a lower price, but also simple graphics. But what about gamers from around the world so fond of GBA SP?

I can confidently say that this console has taken its special place in the video game market.

The games were simple but interesting. Each GBA game was unique and memorable. And how do you relate to this console? Leave your memories and thoughts in the comments.

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I can tell you how arranged the world of video games!

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Game Boy Advance SP
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What we like about Game Boy Advance SP. Truth?

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