Why Chuwa Wizard is a Top Choice for the Saudi Cup

Japan’s top horse Chuwa Wizard in the $20 million Saudi Cup is making his second appearance at the event and he is one of the top choices to win the big race. This is big for Wizard as he is the country’s best horse and has the pedigree to boot. 

As the sire of previous super horse King Kamehameha, Wizard comes with so much hype. He had disappointing runs earlier in his career but he has made sure that there is always a good performance. He was one of the favourites in the Dubai World Cup in March 2020 but it was promptly cancelled due to the pandemic.

Japan’s top horse

In the months since that cancellation, Wizard has become one of the best horses. The biggest event was in December 2020 with the Champions Cup at Chukyo where he finally won a top-tier event in Japan. Many were always talking about Wizard as the top choice in the local horse racing scene and he proved why he was the number one candidate in the 2021 Saudi Cup. 

His trainer Ryuji Okubo talked about his ace as the best horse. He said, ‘He\'s a very talented horse. From the tactics we had in the JBC Classic, I decided to change the strategy again in the race. I wanted to make the most of what he had, so I told the jockey to settle him further back, targeting Chrysoberyl from behind’.

Since he was bred in Japan\'s top operation Northern Farm, you can expect that they have the best pedigree. Wizard’s time as the sire of King has proven to be a knock against him as people saw him only as of the kid of such a legendary horse. 

Why he is a top contender at the Saudi Cup

His jockey Keita Tosaki has been guiding him towards these wins. In Saudi, there are many horses that are tapped as top choices like Charlatan and Knicks Go. However, Wizard is a top contender because he has the pedigree and his supporting cast is elite including Okubo and Tosaki. 

The jockey talked about what makes his horse better than everyone else. Tosaki said, ‘He has matured a lot and showed lots of progress every time he races. I think he is in really good form and has been the same as how he is at home, feeling good… I have had a really good time and it is a great experience to ride here. Even under the difficult circumstances, I am very honored and grateful to have been invited’.

It will be interesting to see how Wizard will perform against the other top horses. If Tosaki and Wizard can pull this off, you can expect that they will be icons in the local horse racing scene. 

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