Which is the Best Netflix Clone Script in the App Market?

The convenience of watching favorite shows anytime, anywhere makes online streaming popular among its users. By paying a monthly subscription, users can consume any program they want and from any platform they prefer. Netflix has humble beginnings. Having started as a DVD rental service in 1997, Netflix has grown into a giant video streaming service.

Be the Next Netflix!

The global video streaming industry is expected to reach $125billion USD by 2025 and an average consumer spends 40 hours per week in watching video content online. 70% of the customers have cut the cord and opted for a video streaming service in recent years.

It’s the right time to enter the online video streaming industry with an app like Netflix. Instead of creating an application from the ground up, getting a readymade app clone is a wise choice. Cloning an application is perfectly legal and it helps entrepreneurs save their time and money.

The Right Technology Partner For Your Business

Many companies are offering digital streaming app clones and it is not easy to find the right technology partner for your business. Startupmart, the best on-demand app development company offers Netflix clone script with easy customization, top-notch features and more.

Video management — Millions of videos can be uploaded on the website. It allows the admin to easily manage the videos that are uploaded on the website depending upon the likes and dislikes of users.

Category management — It helps you to keep your users organized and separate. It also allows the admin to send messages to various teams and departments.

User management — Users can independently create a profile of their own with their specifications. They can always upload their profile, delete or add information as per their convenience.

Social media sharing — Users can share a particular video they like with others over social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter, etc. Links to all the social media platforms will be provided in the app.

Ratings and Reviews — Users can add their reviews and ratings in the comment section. All users can view it and get benefited.

Notification — Users never have to miss their favorite video ever again. All the uploads can be sent with a notification. They can watch their favorite TV shows anywhere anytime with the instant update feature.


Get a highly customizable Netflix clone app at an affordable price with Startupmart – on-demand app development company. Include advanced features in your app such as ‘Video management,’ ‘Category management,’ ‘Instant notifications’ and so on. Our experts will help you develop the application based on your business requirements. Contact us right away.

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