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Alice tiles manufacture bathroom tiles at the customizing specifications of their client. We add styles to your bathroom. Alice Tiles offers tiles that have excellent finish and fine polish.

Our bathroom tiles have a smooth surface, an innovative collection of matte finish tiles includes a variety of stunning designs which surely provide a sense of comprehensiveness in the area with a dash of sophistication and style. As matte surfaces provide better grip and resistance, such matte finish tiles are a clear choice for flooring as well as wall tiling, especially in bathrooms. Our bathroom tiles are classic and timeless at the same time. Alice tiles come in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials to add interest to a simple white color to brighten up your bathroom and other white elements.

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Alice Tiles Is Founded in 2013 as leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Porcelain Wall & Porcelain Floor Tiles is Recognized for its Continuous Innovation & Improvement in Quality & Product Range.

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