When the seal city meets Halloween? No matter what Boris said, let's have a complete carnival first!

The new crown epidemic in Europe has gone from "almost healed" a few months ago and returned to the current "overnight before liberation" !
France and Germany have announced a nationwide blockade; Italy, Spain, and Ireland are also in bad conditions!

The epidemic in the United Kingdom has exceeded the one million mark in total, so it may be impossible not to close the country.
British Prime Minister Boris stated that starting from November 5, England will implement a complete blockade, and the suspension will be set to December 2.
The lockdown measures this time are understood to be very "serious"! Basically, no one can leave the house. Stop everything that should be stopped.
In the words of Boris: "Now is the time to take action, because there is no choice. We must be humble in front of nature."

Blockade can indeed control the epidemic, especially when the epidemic in the UK is already serious, but the arrival of this Halloween broke Boris’s “illusion”.
Before the implementation of their own city lockdown plan, the British did not care about him at all!

As the saying goes: You seal your England, I have my big party!
As the saying goes: he is strong, he is strong, the breeze blows the hills; he is horizontal, the moon shines on the river!

It is impossible to make the British give up Halloween! According to media reports, beginning the day before yesterday, many large cities in England were brightly lit and lively.
One sentence description is: "Ghosts are on the streets" Come on, it's the show again!

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