What to do after a death according to people in Crime Scene Cleanup

What to do after a death according to people in Crime Scene Cleanup

The purpose of this article is to help people dealing with death but if you need crime scene cleanup please call 1-888-477-0015.

People are looking for new jobs now more than ever. One way people look for jobs is with sites like ziprecruiter and indeed since jobs fairs are limited due to the covid crisis. We looked into what the most popular job searches are in 2020 and what companies are hiring and why. What we found was surprising to us and hopefully helpful to you.
In our research of the most hiring new jobs during the covid shut down the leader by far was crime scene cleanup and biohazard decontamination. This appears due to these companies being called in to help decontaminate hospitals, restaurants, and other businesses that have been exposed to covid-19. It also appears that it is due to an abnormal number of places wanting to use their services to further sanitize their homes and businesses on a regular or semi regular basis. One of the nationwide leaders was a company called Bio-Smart Crime Scene Cleaners who deals with not only sanitizing homes but also cleans after crime scenes. A spokesperson for the company shared with us that they had business through the entire pandemic and needed to hire more help in multiple cities due to an influx of business. Some of the jobs they were responsible for helping included sanitizing restaurants to reopen, gyms, and squad cars. However they also were responding to a larger then average number of crimes, death scenes, and suicide related fatalities. The 3rd most common job was due to damage done to businesses during protests. Some people did not feel comfortable cleaning broken glass and some businesses had fingerprint dust used during Police investigations. All of these jobs are done by professionals known as crime scene cleaners. According to Rober Gillegean who runs an association that monitors crime scene cleanup companies, the industry is growing at its fastest rate seen in a decade. This means more employment opportunities as people are needed to fill these crime scene cleanup jobs.

Salary and hourly rates for crime scene cleaners are also on the rise. Some recent reports show that job listings have supervisor positions available with a starting pay range of $45,000-$75,000 in the first year when you include a bonus. With this kind of a pay scale we can only imagine that there will be a lot more people applying for crime scene cleanup jobs in the near future. As the unemployment rates continue to struggle to come down to reasonable numbers, it is important to highlight the job opportunities that still exist. Please share this article and let more people know about crime scene cleanup jobs in your city.

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