What’s the Big Deal About “Little Miss Healthy Pants”?

So… What’s the Big Deal About “Little Miss Healthy Pants”?

If you’ve taken a peek at any of my social media outlets in the past week or so, you’ve seen a few mentions (or rather a few hundred mentions) of the exciting details of the release of my newly published fitness fiction book available on How To Maintain Your Mental Health During A Pandemic.

Sure, I’m thrilled to have completed such an accomplishment of writing and publishing my first book.

Sure, I’m eager to share some of the fitness inspiration and insight that’s resonated on the inside of me for years with the general public.

Still, what’s really the big deal about the Little Miss Healthy Pants’ series?
[Book 2 of the companion series releases this summer]

Is the big deal the fact that most every review currently submitted on Amazon is not only rated at 5 stars but also raves with excitement and gratitude from readers who relished every page of the book that they literally couldn’t put down until they completed all 280 pages of it?

Is the big deal that in less than a week after its release on January 19th, Fit Happens was listed in the Top 100 bestsellers of women’s health and fitness books on Amazon this past weekend, considering the thousands upon thousands of health-related books distributed on Amazon’s expansive site?

Is the big deal my receipt of the amazing news just yesterday that the largest independent book store in the state of Texas’ response to my inquiry about holding a book signing at their establishment wasn’t only an answer of ‘Yes’, but it also included an offer to have Fit Happens placed on their bookstore shelves for distribution?

Sure, all of these sensational happenings are very big deals concerning the circulation of my new book.

However, the biggest deal is the essence of the story of Fit Happens that’s currently being enjoyed by eager and curious readers virtually everywhere.

The big deal of Fit Happens is the hope-filled heartbeat in the novel that positively impacts readers to recognize the champion that’s on the inside of them as they push on towards their fitness goals.

The big deal is the layers of everyday life, beyond fitness, communicated in the manuscript that fully connects you, the reader, to the main character and her counterparts, even if your personal story doesn’t exactly mirror the characters of this fictional story.

The big deal is the poignant and powerful reminders in the book of how the inevitable frustrations and failures which occur in our lives doesn’t have to determine our overall success—reminders that also confirms to us that sometimes the only way to get up in life is to move forward.

The big deal is the inspirational story of love, sweat, and tears in Fit Happens to express just as much heartache in the main character’s journey as it does hilarity and hope.

One reader stated in her Amazon review, “…

What a ride this novel takes you on!!!

At times you will want to slap the main character, Whitney, then you will want to hug her and you will also cry with her.”

If you haven’t yet done so, discover the completely big deal of Little Miss Healthy Pants by obtaining your copy of Fit Happens in Paperback or Kindle version on Amazon.

It’s worth examining every inspirational and impactful page of this good read.

Also, enjoy this brief excerpt of Fit Happens, in Whitney’s voice, from Chapter 2, pages 34-35.

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