What is the need to hire a public adjuster when there is an insurance adjuster in Pembroke Pines?

A public adjuster in Pembroke Pines and an insurance adjuster will not perform the same duties, even if the term sounds the same. You would be surprised to know that people from these job roles have similar academic background, qualifications and professional training. Then, how do their job description differ and why homeowners in Pembroke Pines must hire public adjusters to represent their claim cases?

The difference in the job is not from the functional aspect between the public adjuster and the insurance adjuster, but more from the reporting structure. A public adjuster is appointed by an individual – homeowner or property owner in Pembroke Pines – to help him during the claim application process after a natural disaster or a manmade event. The insurance adjuster in Pembroke Pines, on the other hand, is hired by the insurance company – either the adjuster works on the payroll of the company, or independent adjusters are hired from the outside. Since the reporting is different, hence the public adjuster in Pembroke Pines is responsible for ensuring that his client, that is you, get maximum monetary claim from the insurer. To do this, he needs to have proper hold on his subject area, and have competency to understand and execute different aspects of his job. Contrary to the public adjuster, the insurance adjuster will be focused on working out a compensation that is favorable to the insurer rather than the insured.

The need to hire a public adjuster arises from this conflict of interest. While the insurer can hire talented and experienced people to work for its interest, you need to get someone equally specialized to get you a fair and just amount. From negotiation to applying for claim, assessing the losses to meeting with the insurer’s representative, the public adjuster will fight tooth and nail for your claim settlement.

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