What is the Delta Airlines pet policy?

Many people wish to travel to various locations with their little friends. Delta allows this pet travel by following the rules which are different for carrying and shipping.

Delta Airlines pet Policy
The rules of Delta airlines pet policy are given below.

Call Delta Airlines in advance for arranging the pet travel for you.

Your small pets like cats, dogs and household birds can fly at a specific fee.

Carry-on pets must be able to fit in the carrier and counted as one carry-on item.

The kennel should be under the seat in front of you on the flight.

Your pet should remain in the carrier while on flight or in the lounge.

The pet should be 10-16 weeks old to travel on the flight.

Only one pet is permitted per carrier in the flight.

If your pet does not fit the carrier, you need to ship it with Delta cargo service.

Shipping requires a separate booking for your pet.

For more details about the Delta airlines reservations for pets, contact Delta customer support.

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