What is Sugar Baby?

How to be a Sugar Baby & Find a Sugar Daddy that Makes you Rich


Are you young and attractive female or male but saddled with debts? Or do you wish to make money fast by merely offering companionship and sometimes, intimacy? Just feeling lonely in some strange place but cannot afford dating?

If the answer is yes, try becoming a sugar baby.

sugar baby

Understandably, this idea sounds preposterous and even outrageous, especially if you are a self-respecting woman or man. However, trends worldwide indicate, increasing number of young women are now signing up to work as sugar babies.

Maybe you are blissfully unaware about who is sugar baby. Therefore, here are some facts about sugar babies for both female and male.

What is Sugar Baby?

To ensure you understand the term sugar baby, here are some facts and figures.

  • Sugar baby is term that refers to a young woman or man that dates older persons of the same or opposite gender purely for money. You can find even young sugar daddy.
  • A sugar baby has nothing to do with prostitution. You are not paid to have sex.
  • The decision to engage in physical or emotional intimacy of any sort purely rests with the sugar baby.
  • Sugar babies is a form of paid companionship. Cash and other stuff that a sugar baby gets is called ‘gift.’
  • Working as sugar baby is usually very discreet. Nobody knows you are sugar baby unless you tell them.
  • There are countless websites where a young woman or man can register as sugar baby.
  • An American website Seeking.com claims to have over eight million women and men registered as sugar babies. Over 12 million young American women and men work as sugar babies, according to estimates.
  • The UK is said to have close to 500,000 youngsters working as sugar babies.
  • The practice of sugar babies is very common in the Philippines. Younger women and single mothers date older men from the US and Europe for sustenance and possibly getting American or European citizenship after marriage.
  • Sugar babies are becoming a growing trend in India as taboos over dating and sexual relationships vanish. Older men and women in India look for sugar babies online.
  • Other than making money, a sugar baby also enjoys excellent lifestyle.

A sugar baby can have one or many clients. They will be much older than you. Sometimes, the client can be as old as your mom or dad, grandma or grandpa.

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