What is it about Travertine Tiles and home upgrades?

Travertine as a natural stone is known to have some beautiful variations. Thus, no prizes for guessing why travertine pavers are so highly in demand to pave outdoors such as patios, driveways and walkways whereas travertine tiles enjoy similar popularity to upgrade interiors such as flooring and walling. The stone brings a touch of nature to your abode and with a wide range of colors and styles to choose from, it becomes very easy to find the perfect match for both your interior as well as exterior needs.
Travertine Tiles for long have been famous as best-selling building material and have only grown in popularity with time. A part of the Limestone family, this elite and durable natural stone is cut from quarries across the world and its neutral colors and unique patterns give your patios, driveways, walkways, kitchen, bathroom and other spaces a sophisticate and elegant look.

What makes Travertine Tiles such a popular home upgrade choice?

There are many factors. Each travertine tile is uniquely crafted by nature with a distinctive veining, crevice and striking pattern. Travertine tiles are available in glossy finishes, with some of the options available to buyers include polished, tumbled, brushed, unfilled honed and filled honed. The tiles are also available in various matte and neutral color palettes, allowing you to create a timeless and classic look within your home to change its décor completely.

What are the various benefits of using Travertine Flooring?

Travertine Pavers and Travertine Tiles are affordable luxury. They deliver a rich look and are reasonably priced. They are durable and offers decades of timeless beauty, a testament to their longevity. Travertine tiles blend with virtually any décor, especially with accent colors. Travertine tiles are a fantastic investment, as they not only increase your home’s aesthetic appeal but also its market value. They ae easy to clean and only require periodic resealing, meaning that they are low maintenance. They have the wherewithal to endure high volumes of traffic, making them a top choice for high traffic areas. Each second Travertine Tile is different from the earlier one. The tiles are easy to manipulate, especially when it comes to cutting small pieces. The color and glaze remain the same through every layer of tile making all the chips and nicks less visible. The tile offers the most flexible replacement option because of its natural color variations that make it easy to match replacements.

The arguments presented above should be more than enough to convince you to go for Travertine pavers to pave outdoors and Travertine Tiles to be used indoors in case you happen to plan a home upgrade.

Summary: With its rich architectural history, it is only appropriate that tiles and pavers made from Travertine lend that distinctive feel and texture to surfaces paved with them. This is the reason why some of the most famous Coliseums, Castles, Churches and Complexes across the world are built using Travertine.

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