What is BGP? BGP Attributes, BGP States, BGP Protocol – How It Work?

BGP is very important for Network study. We think the BGP study is very interesting according to other network topics because it is having too wide or deep network detail in itself. Main is that if you have not knowledge about the other network protocols or else but you can easily understand BGP. We are telling you about what is BGP, where it use? Why does it use? And which feature of BGP is made him unique from other protocols.
BGP is a totally different protocol except for IGPs like EIGRP and OSPF. So right now you please save your knowledge of IGP or switching into your mind memory and locked it for a time being.

The Full Form of BGP is Border Gateway Protocol

What is BGP: Border Gateway Protocol

Today the world connected with the internet and that the internet creates huge networks around all over the world in which all countries serve. Each country is connected with each other via this internet. Now above line looking very smooth to say but how that internet handle in that huge network.

All devices like computer, mobile and electronic internet machine having a unique MAC address and for internet communication have unique IP (internet protocol) address. That IPs work on layer 3 devices like ROUTERs Switches Firewalls. IPs divided into two categories private or public. I am not going the detail of the IP address.

Private IP use for private purposes simply I said. But here we have Public IPs that IPs provided by ISP (internet service providers) with a decided cost. There is an IANA (internet assigned numbers authority) who provide IPs and internet protocol resources coordination. IP having two types of version IPv4 and IPv6. Access use of IPv4 on ISP end the shortage of IPs that why the IPv6 version came and solve the problem of IPs.

Simply access use of IP means unlimited routes travel in the ISP router routing table. And here no one IGP protocol who can manage that Lac of routes. Only a Border Gateway Protocol having a superpower to handle Lac of routes. Border gateway protocol an advance level routing protocol. It uses TCP protocol for providing full reliability.
Here are some points of BGP and IGP.
  • IGPs work on single AS (autonomous system) but it’s not too scalable for the wide networks. For biggest network BGP is here. 
  • IGP is always looking for the shortest path to reach a destination. But in BGP we can manipulate the path with reachability and BGP do the same on the INTERNET.
  • BGP is a layer 7 protocol
  • BGP is Classless protocol
  • BGP support VLSMBGP use TCP protocol number 179
  • BGP is more secure than other protocols.
  • BGP supports manual summarization.
  • BGP is a reliable protocol.
  • BGP is a highly scalable protocol.
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