What Is Administrative Law? How To Complete Its Assignments Effectively?

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Administrative law is a branch of law that deals with administration agencies of a government. The administrative law deals with administrative units of the governments that include tribunals, boards of commissions and regulate the laws related to police, international trade, immigration, and many others. The applicability of these laws varied from country to country but shares some common commitments across the globe.
In context to Australia, the administrative law regulates the decision making of the governments by reviewing it and allows freedom of information legislation and codifies judicial review.

Basics Of Administrative Law

Administrative law as a subject in Australian universities is taught with the focus on the following:
  • The basic principle for governing review of administrative actions taken by courts or tribunals.
  • Critical analysis of the system
  • Applicability of principles in the factual situation
  • State and Commonwealth avenues of review
  • Difference between judicial review and review on the merits
  • The error of Law and error of fact
  • Procedural fairness
  • Ultra vires
  • Abuse of discretion.
The Administration law assignment topics include the following:
  • Administrative procedure laws
  • General Administrative laws
  • Administrative laws in common laws countries
  • Quasi-Judicial body
  • Concept of rule of law
  • Principle of natural justice
  • Delegated legislation
  • Right to information
These topics are frequently given in the law assignments in the universities across Australia and many of these topics are quite difficult to understand for a layman. To perform outstandingly in-laws, you need to be familiar with clause and articles in the constitution that requires extensive effort and firm grasping ability.
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