What Factors To Recognize When You Purchase Diamond Jewelry

As much as you would like to surprise your spouse with a diamond ring, please get it right. The most relevant thing to consider is your partner's taste in jewelry, size, preference, and budget. Then enlighten yourself with the four Cs online, call or visit the jewelry store for more inquiries. Using a diamond calculator, you can know the value of the gem you are planning to get.
Follow through as we delve inside for juicy ideas of diamond shopping:
Four CS
As you get into the world of diamonds, understanding the 4C's will be beneficial. Words like cut, clarity, carat, and color will be more meaningful than before. These will determine the diamond price, which you will find while using a diamond calculator. What they signify:
Clarity will tell you the imperfections on a stone, as high clarity increases the stone value. Most of those imperfections are unnoticeable without a magnifying glass. Such include SI1 and SI2.
Color is the clearness of a diamond, and the whiter it appears, the more expensive it becomes. D is colorless and pricy, while Z is colored and less costly. When you want to get the best for less, your target should be G to H, which ordinary people can't tell the difference in grading.
Carats is what gemologist use to measure the weight of diamonds in metrics. A carat will equal 0.2 grams or 200 milligrams, and it may get subdivided into 100 "points." And each would equal one-hundredth decimal place.
The cut is the most significant of all the other 4C's, determining the diamond's sparkle. However, the overall proportion and the diamond calculator will depend on the diamond's cut.
Consider metal options if you are buying a ring.
You've often seen or even thought that gold is the ideal ring band because of its value. However, you can choose different gold types—there is traditional yellow, versatile white gold, and rose gold that has become quite trendy. The white is stronger than the gold and less prone to scratches, but it is the rose gold that is strongest. And to crown it, a diamond will sparkle more on a white band than a yellow one.
If you expose a diamond to the UV rays of sunlight, you will notice some small fraction of faint bluish glow of 20 to 35 percent. Although it's not something you can see with your naked eyes, it is likely to make the diamond look dull and claggy.
To find out the amount of fluorescence in a diamond you are purchasing, check its lab report. The gem ratings of diamond's fluorescence include none-faint/slight-medium-strong or very strong. The best advice is to avoid them while buying diamonds. A diamond calculator should give a good ranking.
Check for certificate 
If you want to be safe, then ensure to purchase a diamond from jewelers that can provide a certificate from a credible gem lab. Gemological Institute of America (GIA), among others such as the International Gemological Institute (IGI), and Hoge Raad Voor Diamant (HRD), are reputable gem laboratories.
The essence of getting a credible certificate gives you the guarantee of your purchase. It entails the quality of the diamond, which includes the four Cs specifications. It also helps to protect your investment as the gem continues to hold its value.
Get it insured
After getting the perfect engagement ring for your babe, you need to get it covered. If you have insured other valuables, call your insurance and express your interest in adding the new piece of jewelry to your homeowner's insurance. Wouldn't it be a bummer to lose your precious asset?
There is no comparison between losing a piece of sentimental jewelry and the amount you will spend on insurance. And not to mention the peace of mind it's likely to give you.
In conclusion, from the information above, you can't be blind or green when you purchase
a diamond for your dear one. Be smart and avoid getting ripped off with this article's guidance while using a diamond calculator to compare and find the ideal budget for your gem.

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