What are Waterbed Mattresses & Its Types?

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Do you have plans to buy a waterbed mattress to have a new sleeping experience? Our bet- you must be intrigued with the idea of it or your doctor recommended doing so. Well, whichever your reason is, we are here to educate you about mattresses before taking a step. Let's get started with understanding its definition.

A Waterbed mattress also called flotation mattress, is unique. It comes with water rather than innerspring, foam core and other comforting materials and thus very different from usual memory foam and innerspring mattresses. Typically, waterbed mattresses have an entertaining history which extends to as far as 3600 BCE. During the 19th Century, some hospital patients used rubber made waterbeds.

In the 1980s, most customers had to use a garden hose to fill the whole waterbed. Currently, you just need to fill tubes which are known as "bladders". In the 20th Century, waterbeds were a common fad in the bedroom, but currently, they aren't. However, many still enjoy the unique feeling of sleeping on water.

There are two common types of waterbeds Softside and Hardside Models. These types include the Softside waterbeds, which have a water chamber within a frame padded fiber and foam. On the other hand, the Hardside waterbeds feature a wooden frame to contain a water chamber. These are relatively cheap but quite heavy and spacious.
These specially made beds are to offer you some health benefits. They are a great replacement of the traditional spring or foam mattress. In case you are in search of the most suitable waterbed mattress for best sleeping experience, you are in the right place.

Construction of Waterbed Mattresses

On today's market, you will find waterbeds mattress having varying sizes and of different brands. They are available in two sub-categories which are hard-sided and soft-sided.

Hard-sided Waterbed Mattress

This version follows the original waterbed design and is the most secure option for some people. It uses super-strong wooden support whereby a water mattress is mounted. Hardwoods and softwoods are applied to help it hold its shape.

Hard-sided waterbeds come along with a frame. Having plain headboards, they resemble traditional beds more than soft side waterbeds. They appear more sophisticated, making your bedroom look appealing.

These waterbeds come along with some challenges. To begin, you are assured of a stressful moment getting it in and out because of their unregulated perimeter. Besides, due to lack of reliable upholstery, they are not frequently temperature regulated.
However, the majority of devotees confess that these waterbed mattresses are satisfying and offer a good night sleep. To add, you are likely to enjoy some health benefits which come along with these modern hard-sided waterbed models.
Whenever you select this kind of mattress, you are required to purchase California-size sheets too.

Soft-sided Waterbed Mattress

Soft-sided Mattresses are conventional and a great solution to the majority of traditional problems. They are a product of tubes, or smaller water-filled chamber referred to as a "bladder". It is familiar to people wanting their bedroom to have a traditional bed look and waterbed feel. The bladder sought support by a foam tube and encased in foam padding. It significantly contributes to the wave less feel of soft-sided waterbeds.

These kinds of waterbeds are structured using foam bolsters which assist holding their shape. In short, they are by foam which is covered using a fabric casing.

Durability and flexibility are advantages you have to this innovative chamber design. Previously, waterbeds were frequent due to their ability to get damaged by friction as well as sharp materials. By having the bladder between foam layers, it's safe from getting compromised.

Besides, this waterbed option encapsulates water well helping you get in and out of bed quickly. Last but not least, these mattresses can red perfectly fit within the majority of wooden beds.

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