What are the steps to reinstall McAfee Agent on Mac OS

McAfee antivirus is offering you various top security tools and services to keep your device protected from malicious threats. McAfee offers security tools for Windows, Android, as well as for Mac and iOS devices. McAfee Activate Product Key allows the user to employ all the tools of their McAfee setup. This antivirus also offers multi-device service which means you can use one McAfee subscription on your multiple devices. If you have many devices or you want to use McAfee antivirus on every device of your family then you can use McAfee multi-license setup. Once you install McAfee on one device (primary device) then you can easily share the setup among other devices. McAfee will secure all your devices simultaneously. 

Steps to reinstall McAfee Agent on your Mac device:

You need to uninstall and reinstall the McAfee agent when your MA is unable to communicate with the ePS server. It also occurs when the MA is not installed on your device completely. So, the most common method for troubleshooting this error is by reinstalling MA on your Mac device.

  1. Steps to uninstall McAfee Agent from Mac

  2. Open your Mac and make sure you are opening your device with Admin account

  3. Go to the Terminal window

  4. Type sudo /Library/McAfee/cma/scripts/uninstall.sh 

  5. Press the Enter button

  6. Type your Admin password

  7. Confirmation screen may appear on the screen

  8. Press the Yes button

  9. Enter the root account password

  10. Press the Enter button

  11. Click on Uninstall McAfee Agent option

  12. Press the Enter button

You may get a McAfee agent Stopped message on the screen which uninstalls the files. Once all the files get uninstalled from the Mac; restart your Mac.

Steps to reinstall McAfee Agent on Mac
  1. Open your Mac device with Admin credentials

  2. Open the ePO server

  3. Copy the install.sh file to the preferred location (desktop)

  4. <ePO_installation_folder>\DB\Software\Current\EPO AGENT 3700 MAXX\Install\0409

  5. If you are unable to get the file from install.sh file then you can also download it from ePO console

  6. Log on to the ePO console on your Mac

  7. Go to System Tree

  8. Select System Tree Actions

  9. Go to New Systems

  10. Now click on Create and download the agent installation package (you will get this package on how to add system section)

  11. Choose Non-Windows option from Select Agent Package

  12. Enter your credentials

  13. Press the OK button

Now go to the Terminal on Mac and navigate to the desktop by type cd desktop and hit the Enter button. Type sudo-chmod+x install.sh. Hit the Enter button. Now again enter your admin password. Type sudo./install.sh -i and hit the Enter button to start the installation process. You may have to enter your device credentials. Wait for completing the installation process. Once complete, you can get a notification on your screen. Now you can easily use McAfee antivirus on your device.

 McAfee antivirus is offering you various top tools for security. Indeed Mac devices have a robust interface that can easily deal with viruses. Mac devices are secure from various types of malicious programs but you need McAfee antivirus to keep your data secure from cybercriminals. If you don’t provide an additional layer of protection to your device then hackers can easily enter your Mac. Installing McAfee antivirus on your Mac will provide good protection to your device.

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