What are the functions of the sweeper?

With the expansion of production workshops in many factories, how to do well in workshop cleaning has become a major problem. The emergence of sweepers has undoubtedly solved the urgent needs of factories and enterprises. But the sweeper does not only have the function of sweeping the floor, the following editor will introduce to you:

In addition to the sweeping function, the sweeper also has the function of automatic garbage collection. It can collect the cleaned garbage while sweeping the floor. This function greatly improves the work efficiency of the cleaning staff, which is also able to receive so much One of the reasons why companies favor it, after all, improving efficiency means reducing labor costs, which can save companies a lot of cleaning expenses.

In addition to the above two functions, the sweeper also has a dust collection function. When cleaning dusty garbage, it can perform powerful dust collection to avoid dust. Fugitive dust not only affects the environment, but also affects people's health. Therefore, when cleaning the ground, how to avoid dust pollution is extremely important. Some production-oriented enterprises have some precision equipment in the workshop. If dust occurs during cleaning, these precision equipment will also be affected, which will affect the production schedule. Therefore, many companies value the function of vacuuming.

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