What Are the Different Forms of Kava Tincture That you Can Take?

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Herbal medicines are available in different forms and the users often rely on these medicines because of their lack of side effects and high quality. The kava tincture is one such medicine which is used for calming and as an anti-depressant. Unlike the various medicines available today, kava  do not have any side effect as such which is a major reason behind its popularity. The medicine is available in the Pacific Ocean area and the natives of the region use it in the form of powder along with water or coconut milk. The root of the plant is particularly beneficial and can be used in preparing herbal medicines- fresh or dried.  The extract or tincture prepared from the herb is used for making various herbal supplements available in the market today. In this article we are going to share the different forms in which kava is available and how to use them.
  • Kava tea
Making a tea-like infusion using the kava roots is the most common form of having this herb. Kava tea is sold independently or blended with other herbs to promote calm and relaxed mind and brewed using hot water. However check the kavalactone content of the readymade tea that you are buying to make sure it is a product of quality. The kava teas with ingredient tagged as proprietary blend is not up to the mark and you will not be getting the effect you want.
  • Kava tincture
Kava tincture is sold in bottles and the size usually range between 2-6 ounces. The product is highly concentrated and you will have to take the prescribed drops in water or other medium to prepare the drink. The resultant drink tastes slightly like whiskey. Usually the dose for kava tincture is the minimum that is possible as the product is already highly concentrated and much more potent than the other forms available.
  • Kava capsules
Many people who cannot tolerate the taste of kava can have it in the form of capsules. Usually the kava capsules have 100mg of kava root extract and has 30% kavalactones in it.
It is very important to know the concentration of kavalactones in the product that you are having. This will help determine the right item for your need and take the product properly. Too much or too little of the product will either have no effect or lead to side effects.

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