What Are The Complications You May Face During Pregnancy?

  •   Pregnancy is a normal physiological method, a stage of life to be appreciated and to be beloved.
  •  However, pregnancy is also a tense state for the body, both physically, mentally, and can be emotionally challenging.
  • Most pregnancies go smoothly, some underlying health issues or some new development can make it high risk, requiring special care, rest, investigations, etc.
  • High-risk pregnancy is one in which due to a few factors there is a greater risk to the baby or the mother or both. 
  • It may reduce the risk of developing a risk pregnancy in the future.
  • Regular visits to Gynaecology- It must be a regular visit to a consultant for regular check-ups.
  • Eat a healthy diet- It requires certain things like as folic acid, calcium, protein, and iron to supplement your body during pregnancy. It also requires to gain weight accordingly in order to support your baby’s health. Must avoid substances such as alcohol, tobacco, etc.
  • Managing tension-  Tension can be detrimental to both the mother’s and baby’s health. You must consultant gynecology to suggest possible ways to relax and remain calm in the face of difficulties.
  • Risk symptoms- Always be alerts such as vaginal bleeding, pain or cramping in the lower abdomen, severe headaches, contractions, decreased fetal activity, pain or burning during urination, water vaginal discharge, and changes in vision.

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