What are the areas of industry is Java used for?

Java development services are increasing nowadays and this is because of the programming language itself. It helps the developer to complete their product in a very easy way. However, people may think that Microsoft Office, operating systems like Windows and Linux are not written by using Java so what are the uses of Java. There are many uses of Java in many industries. According to certain researches, it has been found that almost 3 billion devices are running Java.

Areas of industry where Java is used
Java is an object-oriented language and because of this, it is possible to go with any development. There are many server-side applications that are written in Java. Now the areas in real-world where Java is used are given below-

Android apps
It can be said that any apps in your android smartphone are written by using Java along with Google’s API that is having similarity to that of the JDK. In today’s world, it can be said that a number of Java programmers are there who is now an android app developer. Different packaging as well as different JVM is used by android but it can be seen at the need of the day that the code used is Java.

Financial services industry
In the case of Finance services, Java plays a very big role. There are many global investment banks like Citigroup, Standard Chartered, Barclays, Goldman Sachs who uses Java in order to write the front as well as the back electronic trading system of the office. Moreover, data processing projects, writing settlements, confirmation systems, and many others are also present. The common use of Java is for writing the server-side application and that also without any kind of front end. This helps in receiving data from a single server, then processing it and sending it to other processes. In order to create GUI for traders, Java Swing was also very popular but in the present day, C# is taking the market.

Java Web applications
In the case of a web application as well as in eCommerce Java plays an important role. There are many healthcare, insurance, government, defense, education, and many other departments that are there who are having their web application that has been built using Java. Hire dedicated developers who are having basic Java skills and can compete with your web applications quickly without compromising with quality. If the web application created by Java then the time taken for development will also be very less when compared to other programming languages.

Big Data technologies
Hadoop as well as other big technologies are also seeking the help of Java in a way or the other eg the Java-based HBase of Apache, ElasticSearch, etc. Java is having a good potential to grow in this field if ElasticSearch as well as Hadoop goes huge.

Software tools
There are many software as well as development tools like IntelliJ Idea, NetBeans IDE, and Eclipse that have been developed as well as written in Java. Many desktop applications are also there that uses Java for writing the programming language. Previously Java Swing was used in order to write thick clients generally for the financial service sector, but now Java FX has become very popular.

Trading applications
Java is also used in the case of trading applications that are using third-party for the financial service industry. Murex is a very popular trading application that is being used in various banks for connectivity of front to the bank. This Murex is also created with the help of this Java programming language. Hence Java can never be neglected. There are many web application development companies but the best one will always have their dedicated developers who will work according to the requirement of their clients.

Apps of J2ME
The market of J2ME is dying and this is because of the advent of iOS and Android. But still, a large market of low-end Samsung and Nokia phones are there which are using J2ME. In old days a time was there where almost all the games and applications that were present in Android were written using CLDC and MIDP which were a part of the J2ME platform. However, J2ME is still popular in cards, set-top boxes, and Blu-ray.
Embedded space
In the case of embedded space, Java also plays an important role. This shows how Java is useful as only 130 KB is required to use the technology of Java on a smart card or sensor. However, it must be mentioned that Java was basically designed for embedded devices. Now the initial campaign of Java is paying which was stated as “write once, run anywhere”.

Scientific applications
Today's world is growing because of the advancement of technology and science. In case of developing any scientific application, it can be said that Java is the choice by default. The main reason why Java is used by default is that it is very much portable, maintainable, and safe. Moreover, Java also comes with good concurrency tools of high-level than C++ and any other programming language.

High-frequency trading space
With the help of modern JITs, there have been a lot of improvements in the technology of Java. Java is capable to deliver performance similar to that of the level of C++. Because of this, Java is used for writing systems having high performance. However, the performance is a little bit less when compared to that of the native language, and maintainability, portability, and safety can be compromised. Moreover, it takes a C++ programmer who is inexperienced to compose an application that is unreliable and slow.
In the case of many IT industry Java is used for web development, developing android apps, and many others. The stock market, retail industry, and banking sector also use Java to a great extent.

Because of the wide range of uses of Java the Java development company is hiring a huge number of Java developers who can for the client to meet their requirements.

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