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When booking a flight, one has to be very careful about the fare and the airline. If you are looking for a low budget airline that offers a decent flying experience, Westjet is one of the flights of your choice. To book flights with Westjet, follow this blog for steps.

With Steps to Make Westjet Reservations

To make a Westjet booking, the airline offers a number of options, from which you can choose one. To learn about the steps in the details, tap below. 
Online booking    
1. To book online, open the flight website and go to the flight section. 
2. And under the Air tab, you will see a pop-up. Open the box and fill in all the flight details required for bookings. 
3. First select the city you are traveling to from anywhere 
4. Select flight dates and specify whether you have a one-way flight, two-way or diversity. 
5. You go to the flight booking class, from here, if you want to pick up your own flight seats, you can do that too. 
6. When moving, indicating how many people are going to travel with you. Also, choose the airline payment method. 
7. You can now search for the aircraft and select one from the list. Pay the airfare and you will be finished. 

Offline flight booking 
1. There are a few passengers who cannot make flight bookings online. For that, you can ask for reservations from any travel agent. 
You can even call your Westjet helpline number to book 2 flights and provide them with your flight details. 
3. You can also visit the flight ticket center and book flights and ask to pay at the counter. 
Thus with the help of the following steps, you can easily make Westjet Reservations For further inquiries, you can contact the airline\'s customer care team by email and call. 
Source: Westjet Airlines Reservations

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