Wedding on Maldives

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Maldives, dream destinations... Tropical paradise, ideal for vacation and enjoyment in the winter months, is known for its intact nature, pearly white sand beaches, hidden lagoon filled with living coral, tropical vegetation...

The diversity of offers in sunlight or underwater will force you to return to this end of the world every year.It's an island country in the northern part of the Indian Ocean, 300km away southwest of India and 450km south of Sri Lanka.It consists of a group of 282 coral Islands – Atoli, a maximum altitude of 1.8 m, located around the equator.

The capital of Maldives is called the Male, which is enriched with many cultural and historical attractions. Be sure to visit the main mosque of Hukuru Mischiiy, which was built in the 17th century, whose walls are decorated with coral blocks. Temperatures are moving around 25-30 °c, and the sea is only three degrees colder, although it is warmer at night in water than it is out of it. The tourist season lasts from December to the end of April, because it begins with short-lasting, but strong rains in May. The population is kind and generous.

The wedding in the Maldives can be like a fairy tale, because of an environment that seems to come from some completely different world, which we have never seen before. In the Maldives, the wedding is not official, so no documents are required for your organization.

Here you can pronounce your vows before the lovers you love and experience their symbolic ceremony, and later you can perform a formal and valid wedding.

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