We are offering a reward based training program to dog regardless of breed, age and temperament |Jabir Dog Training

 Jabir is a professional dog trainer who believes that dogs are capable of learning. We follow a reward-based training system promoting engagement amongst them regardless of their age, breed, and temperament. To understand the importance of dogs, there are three phases.
During phase 1, we at Jabirs use positive reinforcement dogs to focus and shape their behavior. It is the phase when the dog gets rewarded by understanding the concept of learning. When it comes to the second phase, the dog starts to perform, and our academy marks attempts complying with their behavior request with food, and make them understand the verbal cues such as okay and yes to form classical conditioning, which is similar to clicker training.
During the third phase, our trainer starts to generalize their behavior. Once the dog starts to understand this food reward behavior. Dogs are then shown these behaviors during different environment that introduces distraction in exercise to test the abilities of the dog. As a result, it generalizes their behavior. Using this system will allow you to communicate with your dogs in a clear, funny, and effective way. He is one of the few veterans in Brooklyn operating a training camp service for dogs.
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Address:56 Hinckley Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11218
Phone no. : 347-683-5748
Email id : [email protected]
Website: https://jabirsdogtraining.com/

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