Ways To Ensure 5-Star Customer Reviews

Do you buy products or services like My Assignment Help without reading the reviews? Most of you would say no. One of five customers these days choose to read the reviews before purchasing a service or product. Thanks to social media platforms like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Yelp, more than 85% of the customers trust customer feedback as much as a recommendation from family or friends.

There A Few Reasons Why Buyers Trust These Reviews:

  • Reviews represent a real-life use situation.
  • The majority of the reviews are unbiased.
  • They give confidence to the visitors about the quality of product/service.
However, getting good, genuine reviews from customers is challenging. Most of them prefer to read, buy, and sign off. People mostly leave a review because:
  • They are unsatisfied with the product/service.
  • They are satisfied with the product/ service.
  • They are somewhere in between but wants to put forth their feelings about the product/service.

How Vital Are Customer Reviews For Your Business?

Customer reviews are highly influential and boost your sales more than paid marketing. According to various market research reports:
  • People read at least ten reviews before they consider your product
  • The purchase rate of products with 5-6 reviews is 250% higher than the products with 0 reviews
  • Thoughts can affect the15% of your local search results
  • 82% of the buyers read reviews online for local service providers/businesses
  • 91% of the customers are influenced by positive reviews and more likely to purchase or get the product or service
  • 5-star ratings get you 25% more clicks than a 2/3-star rating
  • 80% of the B2B & B2C sales involve mouth publicity during the sales process
  • 82% of small business owners rely on referrals as their no.1 source for new buyers
Read more- https://essay.reviews/blog/5-star-customer-reviews/

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